How to Maintain the Wax Pen Coils in Your Lookah 710

How to Maintain the Wax Pen Coils in Your Lookah 710

The majority of us eliminate our dab pen coils and get new ones because they are consumable. On the other hand, routine cleaning will keep your wax pen coils operating at their best and prolong their life. Moreover, if you're eager to experience Lookah vaping products, you must visit Dr.Ganja for an unparalleled selection.

Variations in Lookah 710 coils

These quartz atomizer coils are compatible with Lookah devices such as the Dragon Egg, Swordfish, Q7, Python, and Unicorn Mini. There are four styles of these coils: A, B, C, and D.

Every one of these coils can be changed out. The atomizers function somewhat differently because of the variations in coil arrangements and airflow, which result in different heat profiles.

Type A: Best Taste - This coil heats more slowly but uniformly because of its wider plate. Its 360-degree airflow feels quite good. It produces a smoother taste all around.

Type B: Warm Vapor Production - This coil heats up more quickly thanks to its two holes. The two holes in the coil produce more vapors because they reveal the wax to a hotter, faster temperature.

Type C: Wax Saving - The square plate draws air across the top in a directional manner and heats up uniformly to help keep the wax fresh!

Type D: See-Through Coils - These coils look like type B coils but feature a see-through side that lets you see how much wax is inside the vaporizer without having to open it.

In what amount should I use wax?

It is recommended to use tiny dabs, about the size of a peppercorn or a few grains of rice, for best results.

Put the wax in the center of the quartz shield to ensure even heating.

Placing large dabs into the coil suggests that not all of the wax is heated evenly. It allows the wax to warm entirely and vaporize calmly.

It may result in the coil flooding or extra wax falling onto the coils and burning.

Make sure all of the wax has evaporated before adding more dabs to avoid overloading.

The permeable quartz plate on the coils distributes heat well, but with time, the porous quartz may become blocked and lose its effectiveness.

Maintaining optimal coil efficiency requires cleaning the coils after each use. Wax development will be avoided by doing this, which reduces the frequency of coil cleaning.

If you experience inconsistent vapor delivery, burnt flavor, or poor performance from your dab pen coil, it's time to clean it.

Why is it necessary to clean the coils on dab pens?

Here are some key reasons for cleaning your dab pen coils:

  • Your respect for the flavors in your concentrates will increase.
  • You won't experience the unpleasant burnt flavors that develop when the coils become overly full of plastic.
  • As a result, your coils will last longer. You'll save money on coil replacements if you do this.
  • Your concentrates will evaporate more quickly from clean coils. You'll save money on concentrates as a result.

Ways to keep dab coils clean

Completely clean:

The quartz plate will get discolored, and the wax will accumulate after using the coil for some time. This wax can block the prose quartz in the coil, which reduces the coil's effectual heating area and lowers its effectiveness. The wax increase will also begin to burn, which produces an awful taste when vaping.

You will need to do a thorough clean after a few vaping sessions, which depends on how often you vape and what waxy substances you use in the coil.

Materials required:

You will need the following to clean your atomizer:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (90–99%)
  • Paper towels or wipes
  • Q-tips
  • A container to hold your atomizer

Take these actions to perform a thorough cleaning:

Extract the coil: Take the wax pen coils out of the equipment.

Wipe off excess: Use a Q-tip and a small amount of isopropyl to remove any extra wax inside the coil. Clean up any extra wax after wiping the walls. Wipe off the outside of the coil with a tissue and a small amount of isopropyl.

Let it soak: Submerge the coil in a bowl of 90% isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution for 30 min.

Wipe outside: Take the coil out of the alcohol and wipe the outside. Remove any alcohol by wiping the coil's exterior.

Wipe inside: Lightly wipe the coil's interior with a Q-tip. Pressing down on the quartz plate could cause damage.

Allow it to dry: Allow the coil to dry fully. This might require several hours.

Heat the Coil: Replace the coil on the Lookah vaporizer and activate it by clicking five times. Turn the voltage up to its maximum. Next, warm up the coil three or four times. The coil's excess residue will burn off by doing this.


Finally, you must maintain the wax pen coils in your Lookah 710 for maximum performance and longevity. Additionally, it's important to stay informed about FDA rules and regulations regarding vaping products to ensure compliance and safety for all users.

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