Professional Email Signature Examples

Professional Email Signature Examples

Business people often overlook an essential part of email marketing — an email signature. While they aren’t covered in most email marketing guides, email signatures are great for displaying your website and contact information and can be a deal-breaker when trying to get hired.

For example, if you’re a freelance writer who has the link to their portfolio website in their email signature, potential clients can easily access your previous works. From this article, you will learn about different email signature formats, the ways to add buttons and links to your email signature, and good email signature examples.

Key Elements of a Professional Email Signature


While your email address may be enough to verify who you are, adding your name to your signature is essential if you want people to take you seriously.

It is recommended to add your first and last name if you want people to trust you. If you’re not comfortable revealing your real identity, you can always use a pen name.


Without including a company name in your email signature, you remain anonymous to people, especially if you’re doing cold outreach. When people see you’re associated with a reputable company, they will trust you more.


Are you the CEO? Marketing Manager? Graphic Designer? Be sure to mention your position in your email signature. People like to know who they’re dealing with, especially when there is money involved.


Your website gives people a more personal look into who you are. If you add a website to your email signature, make sure it is well-optimized and looks professional.

Contact Number

Adding a phone number allows potential clients to easily contact you. Although they already have your email, some people like to speak on the phone as it’s more convenient.


Adding a brand logo is a great way to build brand awareness. Even if the people you email don’t become your regular customers, they will recognize your brand every time they see the logo from then onwards.

How to Add Buttons and Links to Your Email Signature

Having an email signature is one thing; however, making it look professional is a whole other ball game. One of the best ways to make your email signature stand out is by using buttons and links.


If you’re familiar with online email services, then adding a link to your email signature shouldn’t prove difficult. In this demonstration, we’re going to be using Gmail as an example.

Start by heading over to Gmail and clicking on the small gear icon in the top right-hand corner. Once you see the settings menu, click “See more settings.”

email signature settings

After that, scroll down and find the signature block’s settings for the email. If you haven’t already created one, you can do so by clicking the “+ Create new” button.

create signature

When designing your email signature, you don’t want to just include your website’s URL, as it looks unprofessional. Instead, it is recommended to add some text and create a hyperlink. This will allow people to click on a string of text and be redirected to your website.

After deciding on a signature name, you will be prompted to create your signature. Once you’ve decided what text to hyperlink, highlight it and click the “Insert link” icon as seen below.

insert link

You will then be asked to add a target URL. Once you’ve done this, people will be able to click through to your website from your email signature.


You’ve seen the social media icons displayed in website footers. Did you know you can add these icons to your email signature?

The process is almost identical to adding a link. However, rather than selecting a string of text to add a link to, you first need to add a social media icon. Do this by clicking the “Insert image” icon as shown.

insert image

You’ll then need to download social media icons using Google. Next, upload the images into your email signature and hyperlink them using the same process described in the “Links” section.

Professional Email Signature Examples

The best way to create a professional signature for your emails is by looking at what’s already working. Here are three email signature block examples.

  • Jason E Erickson

Example Professional Email Signature

This email signature has all you need to make your emails look totally professional. It includes a name, a job position, a phone number, an address, and more.

Not only does this information make you look more trustworthy in the eyes of clients, but it also helps prevent your email from going into spam when doing cold outreach.

  • John Doe

Business Card Email Signature

When you look at John Doe’s email signature, the first thing you notice is how much it stands out compared to the previous example. This is great because it catches people’s attention and harnesses their interest. However, rather than including a company logo, it is recommended to add a picture of yourself, as it makes you look more trustworthy.

  • Cara Reznor

Call to Action

This email signature is on the list because not only does it have all the most essential information, but it also has a clear call to action. There are also multiple buttons linking out to social media and other platforms, helping to build trust.


If you want your email message to land in people’s inbox, you need to create a high-quality email signature that proves you’re a real person. Follow the steps outlined in this article, and your email signature will look great and catch people’s attention.

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