Four Annoying Things That Disrupt Your Business

Four Annoying Things That Disrupt Your Business

Running a business has many rewards, but it has some downsides too, which irritate many business owners. It’s usually the small things that are most annoying and disrupt your business. Here are some of these, and ways to deal with them.

Missed calls

When you’re running a business, you’re likely to be in the middle of an important task when the phone rings, at least some of the time. If you don’t receive enough calls to hire someone, you could end up worrying that it was something crucial to your business. It’s easy to find out whether the number was someone trying to sell you something, or a genuine business call. For example; the 0161 area code is the dialing code for Manchester in the UK, so you could ask yourself if you were expecting a call from that area, or have a large customer base there. UnknownPhone can help you narrow it down. Most scams and cold callers are reported on the website. If it’s not on there, it might be a genuine number and worth calling them back to find out.

Not having enough time to do everything

Many business owners have big plans, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. Often, you won’t be the best person to fulfill all the different roles. This will mean having to scale back your plans or being prepared to hire someone who has different strengths which could help your business. It’s a big commitment, but you could start by hiring someone on a part-time basis, or working with freelancers.

Tech problems

Unless you’re a tech expert, you won’t be able to solve complicated tech problems yourself. Some have simpler solutions though, and if you haven’t taken a short course already, this may at least provide you with enough knowledge to tackle basic tech problems.

For more complicated problems which take time to be fixed, you can avoid wasting important time by doing many tasks which don’t rely on technology. This might mean making some calls you’ve been putting off (from a landline if the tech problem is your smartphone).

Keeping track of everything

Running a business means having to keep track of finances, meetings, possible leads and so much more. It’s impossible to remember it all, so don’t try. Instead, keep records of everything. Keep online and offline files (in a secure place) of your finances. Keep all meetings and appointments stored in the same places (such as your phone calendar, or a paper diary) and check it at the end of each day so you can monitor your progress and the beginning of each day as a reminder for the work ahead. Set reminders for any important calls you need to make or leads that you should chase up. You might think that you have the capacity to remember every detail of your working day, but don’t leave anything to chance.

Running your business will always have its challenges, but you can make it easier, and less annoying. Simply use the solutions above to stop the things that disrupt your business regularly.

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