For the Birds: The Top 3 Twitter Marketing Tips

Top 3 twitter marketing tips

Are you using Twitter to market your business? Whether you’re just starting out with a Twitter account for your business, or you’re trying to revamp the way you use this platform for marketing, you can benefit from these helpful tips.

In this guide, we will let you in on some of the most vital twitter marketing strategies you can use to take advantage of this platform. Grow your Twitter following to expose tons of new potential customers to your brand with these tips and tricks.

1. Be Careful With Content

While it’s a good idea to tweet consistently, it’s also smart to keep in mind that Twitter is a social tool. If you overwhelm your followers with promotional content, they are likely to get annoyed with you, which could lead to an unfollow. A great indicator of how the quality and quantity of your tweets are registering with followers is to track your engagement.

Rather than posting tons of promotional content, work to engage. Ask questions, conduct Twitter polls, and respond to your follower’s tweets to make sure you’re a part of the conversation rather than a blatant marketer.

Join in on trending topics when relevant, using any attached hashtags. You can participate in the trend even if it isn’t directly related to your products or services. Pick trends that are in line with your company values, or just a funny, quirky trend that can help to humanize your brand.

2. Be an Industry Insight

A great content type to integrate into your Twitter calendar is industry news, advice, or resources. This allows you to network with others in your field while providing information for your followers that may be interested in getting into your industry.

This is also a great way to let your followers into the behind the scenes of your business. Consider telling stories about your brand, such as how you got started, to offer some real-world advice.

Be honest and open, admitting to mistakes you’ve made along the way that others can learn from. Not only does this humanize your brand, but it also creates brand loyalty by sharing authentic content.

3. Make Decisions With Data

To make the best decisions when it comes to your Twitter marketing strategy, make sure that you’re tracking your Twitter analytics. This tool is within the platform, and it can help you see what kind of content is most popular with your followers, and which content just isn’t working.

The posts that have the highest engagement are the most successful, meaning you should integrate more of that content type into your Twitter marketing schedule.

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Twitter Marketing Tips Every Business Needs

Twitter can be a great platform for marketing your company, but only when done mindfully. Make sure you keep these Twitter marketing tips in mind so that you can make the most out of this platform. Engage with your followers using creative content, and track your analytics to sharpen your marketing plan along the way.

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