How to Make Your Twitter Account Exceptional

How to Make Your Twitter Account Exceptional

Some people use Twitter to rant about current things that rub them the wrong way. Others use the platform to keep up with what’s happening around the world. But, some people use this social network for microblogging and to run small businesses or startups. It’s for this reason that some people buy Twitter followers (you can check out HowSociable) to increase their audience. Essentially, the goals that people have when using Twitter vary tremendously. You can make your Twitter account exceptional, but, to achieve your Twitter goals, you'll want to do several things.

The major among them include:

  • Establishing a great online identity and reputation
  • Learning about the latest news in the field or topics that you find interesting
  • Connecting with like minds and new friends
  • Sharing valuable content
  • Building your following to start a project or business

Your business and personal account may have a great overlap. Nevertheless, you must make your Twitter account exceptional to accomplish your goals. Here’s how you can make your personal or business Twitter account exceptional.

Describe Yourself and Your Voice on Twitter

Describing your voice on Twitter is very important because it makes you stand out. Try to use three words to describe yourself on this platform. This will keep you focused on specific topics. For instance, you can use words like Social Media, Productivity, and Startups to describe yourself on this platform.

This is particularly important when starting on this platform. Define what you intend to be Tweeting about. This will enable you to create relevant content and build your following around the topics. Essentially, describing yourself and your voice will enable you to share content that is relevant to your audience or network.

Establish a Tweeting Routine and Stick to It

You need to tweet regularly to keep your followers updated and engaged. Once you get an audience on Twitter, your followers will expect insightful tweets from you regularly. Therefore, you must set a standard by tweeting regularly.

Many people think that some Twitter users tweet too often. However, you must be ready to spend time and effort tweeting if you want to make your Twitter account exception. You must spend at least 10 minutes tweeting every day. Keeping your Twitter routine can be very easy even when you're busy with other work and have no time to tweet daily. With a tweet scheduler software you will be able to tweet regularly and keep your engagement as high as always.

Personalize Your Tweets

You have chosen or described your voice when creating a Twitter account. But, that is not all you have to do. You have to ensure that every tweet is a reflection of your voice. And, you won’t achieve this by simply selecting the topics you believe in. You can express this more vividly via your headlines. You can reflect your voice and still create more varied tweets. For instance, you can pick quotes and make tweets from them. You can also add your thoughts to headlines.

Show Liveliness and Be Transparent

A business account may enable you to broadcast more than a personal account. However, a personal account enables you to show more liveliness. For instance, you can use a personal account to tell followers what you’re up to. But, telling your followers about everything, including a meal you’re about to have can push it further.

Nevertheless, you can drop in funny posts alongside informative tweets. You can also tell your followers about a topic you discussed when hanging out with an expert in your field. This is a great way to show liveliness while being transparent and open-minded.

Attend Online and Offline Meetups

Participating in different online and offline events that are associated with your Twitter account is an effective way to grow your network. Therefore, search for different events that are happening within your area depending on your interests. This will also enable you to connect with Twitter friends in real life or offline.

Twitter chats are some of the best online events for growing a network. You can get more value than you expect from amazing online chats. In addition to connecting you to great people, Twitter chats will enable you to learn about different topics within your niche in a short period.

It’s crucial to note that building a strong Twitter presence for business and personal reasons can pay off tremendously. With a strong presence on Twitter, you will have a ready audience for your content, regardless of the idea or project you come up with.

Be Creative

You have to be creative to give people reasons to follow you and talk about your Twitter account. Essentially, you must do things differently to make your Twitter account exceptional. Posting on topics that people have already read about or retweeting other people’s posts all the time won’t make your account exceptional.

Be creative to make your account different. For instance, run contests on your Twitter account to attract and even engage followers. You can also take a survey or poll on your feed to engage visitors. This will also give you insights into how followers feel about your account or main site. What’s more, you can share important tips depending on your niche. For instance, share tips to stay healthy during the COVID19 pandemic or how to eat better, or stay in shape

The Bottom Line

You have to do things differently to make your Twitter account exceptional. People must have a reason to follow you. You must invest time and effort in building a strong profile and presence. You must also take time to create unique, interesting, and useful tweets. Whether you already have an account or starting on Twitter, follow these tips to make your account stand out and attract more followers.

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