Fan Pages Move From FBML to iFrames March 11 - TabSite Ready!

Fan Pages Move From FBML to iFrames March 11 - TabSite Ready!


Facebook Fan Pages received a makeover this week!

All pages will move to the new format on March 10.


One of the major changes announced to page admins is the fact that FBML apps, and the code language of FBML as a whole, will be deprecated – which means it will no longer be a code that is utilized and accepted on the Facebook platform.

The deadline given by Facebook is March11th.

And starting March 11th, you will no longer be able to create new FBML apps for your Facebook Fan Pages. (Like Static FBML).

Existing FBML apps will continue to work as normal, you just won’t be able to create any new FBML apps.


What does this mean for TabSite?

This is where the news gets real exciting!

In place of the limited code language of FBML, we’ll get full HTML, javascript, and iFrame capabilities for customizing a Facebook Fan Page.

This means TabSite will be able to roll out new features without limitations imposed by Facebook!

All TabSite accounts will continue to work with no issues!



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