5 Surprising Facts About Press Releases and Why They Matter

5 Surprising Facts About Press Releases

If you heard the words "press release" at a business cocktail party, you might feel like you just came across another old-school strategy that has reached the end of its life. Social media seems like a constant stream of press releases if you look at it in a certain light. The reality is that the media still plays a large and important role in public perception and can influence consumer behavior so press releases are still very much in use around the world. Here are five surprising facts about press releases that will help you understand why they matter.

1. New Tech Has Amplified Reach

Like every other aspect of business, you can probably guess that technology has had an impact on how press releases get made, distributed, and tracked. If you look at how a press release service works, you'll see just how much technology has affected this segment of marketing and PR. From enhancing readability on mobile devices to including multimedia components and instant tracking software, technology has done a lot to amplify the reach and efficiency of press releases. These small but critical pieces of news about your business or products have fully moved into the 21st century and are living in the digital age.

2. They Allow You To Tell Your Story

One of the facts about press releases is that they allow you to tell your side of the story. When you and your team craft a release, you have an opportunity to present the facts, figures, and evidence that puts your company in a good light with the public.

The fact is that, in many circumstances, no one else is going to be looking out for you and your brand. Knowing how to write a powerful press release is a key marketing and branding skill that can help you keep control of your narrative.

3. Well-Crafted Releases Catch Media Attention

Not all press releases are created equal, and only the most well-crafted ones end up catching major media attention. For you to build positive relationships with media outlets, you need to know how to write a press release and which journalists to send it to. If you do your research and tailor your press release request to people who cover topics related to your business and product, then you're more likely to gain the respect of those journalists. They may even end up covering your press release in a story that gets widespread engagement.  This is one of the little known facts about press releases!

4. SEO and Press Releases Are Intertwined

Since search engine optimization is such a massive focus of your marketing department, you need to understand that SEO and press releases are intertwined. That means that not only do you need to have a team of people who can craft a fantastic and powerful press release, but you also need to make sure they understand keyword placement and how this piece of writing can help you rank higher in Google's search engine.

If a major media outlet picks up your press release, then you have the chance of getting authentic outside traffic filtering to your business, which is a huge goal of SEO. You also gain brand recognition and visibility from the fact that your business is present on trusted media websites.

5. They Get You in Front of Your Audience

At the end of the day, the reason why press releases matter is that they get your brand and company in front of your audience. It's true that you have social media, and that's where you can engage with your customers and the public. Press releases add a different dimension to consumer engagement.

With a press release, you are using a tool that has a legacy. Your customers and the public have an already-established foundation of trust with big media outlets, and by communicating in this way, you can show your audience that you are an authentic and trustworthy brand.

It's true that social media and the rise of the internet have completely changed marketing, but in some ways, it has made the business of writing press releases even more important. You should always focus on quality and stay true to your brand identity and story when crafting a powerful press release.

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