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Facebook Groups for Pages-315Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. Part of the platform's power is the ability to connect with your followers through Pages and Groups. Facebook now allows you to combine the functionality of both by creating Groups, especially for and connected to your Pages.

Have Deeper Interactions and Connections With Followers

Having a group allows you to interact with your followers on a deeper level. When you post updates on a page, these posts end up in the large news feed stream where it competes with the messages of hundreds of other brands. Add in the fact that Facebook is reducing the influence of obvious promotional content and your message can easily end up lost in the noise.

Groups allow you to break away from the competition by offering more intimacy. Engagement grows when your followers feel you're listening to them. Groups foster interaction and continued conversation between members of the group and the brand in a way pages can't. As the conversation builds around brand-related topics and shared interests in the group, it will be easier to be more noticeable in the news feed.

Keep Followers Updated Using Groups

Another great benefit of having page groups is the ability to keep fans updated. Your average follower's news feed has plenty of brands vying for their attention. This increases the likelihood that your carefully crafted post may not get seen. A group allows you to post updates and have group members instantly receive a notification.

Personalized Information

Facebook gives you the option of managing your group as your own account or as your page. While the former option offers the chance to interact on a person to person basis, interacting with followers as a brand lets you speak directly to them.

Other Benefits of Having a Group For Your Facebook Page

Forming a Community

Having the ability to add groups to your Facebook page helps you foster a  real community around your brand. Knowing they can have extended interactions through a group, page followers are likelier to become more loyal to the brand.

Having a Forum

Groups can be used for constructive feedback for brands. If you have a question or an idea to test, posting in the group gives you a chance to experiment with a smaller audience and gather insight.

Members Can Spread The Word

Members will invite their friends to join the conversation, growing your group membership as well a number of people interested in your brand.

Engagement and connections are the things brands chase after on social media. Creating groups for your Facebook page allows you to explore another way to get people talking and interacting with your brand.


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