Event Management Made Easy Online - Tips and Tricks

Event Management Made Easy Online - Tips and Tricks

Many people do not understand what it takes to manage an event. They think of event managers as concert or wedding planners. The reality is planning and managing an event takes more than that. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan, execute, and evaluate an event for a client.

Now the most daunting thing for many event planners is when they have to do everything online. This is mainly for beginners who have not managed an event using software before. This article provides tips and tricks that beginners can use to succeed with online event management.

Let's get started.

1. Use an Online Event Management System

Every event manager needs an online event management system today. There are various event management platforms available for event managers to use. The software simplifies processes and reduces the time event planners take to do activities such as taking membership registrations. There's also the option to use a WordPress paid membership plugin.

Event planners use different membership management strategies. Using digital solutions such as the various event management software available is one of the best ways to manage membership. Every company aims at providing customers with top-notch experiences and that’s where event management solutions help.

The good thing with online software is the flexibility that makes it accommodate diverse strategies. For instance, this software comes in web, tablet, and mobile sites, accommodating different preferences.

Many people find collecting registration the most tedious task but not with software. These solutions come with customized information collection forms. Besides, this software also comes with embedded marketing and custom reporting tools. In short, they cater to everything needed for events to succeed.

2. Leverage the Power of Mobile Tools

You automate processes when you start using online event management systems. This software often comes with a range of tools meant to simplify every process for you. For instance, you can check your attendees' list with a single click using a mobile tool on the software.

Things like finding attendee details can also happen in one click. This saves you from dealing with clunky folders and endless scrolling to find a single attendee's information. Every repetitive and time-consuming task in virtual association management becomes easy with mobile tools.

Using the power of mobile tools to the maximum can increase your productivity. Events management software is an investment, and the better you utilize it, the higher your returns. The tools available online can make things easy for you and allow you more time to concentrate on things that matter most.

3. Create a Shared Document

event management

Documentation is very vital for event planners as it helps them share important information. Handling documentation for every attendee can be a daunting task for event planners and managers. Luckily this can happen seamlessly if they utilize the available association management software.

The software makes it easy to share the information without sending it. You can create shared documents and collaborate from anywhere in real-time. Anyone can suggest edits, work on the information, ask questions, or comment on the document in real-time.

Documentation handling software allows you to interlink it with calendars, event schedulers, etc. The good thing is you can do all this within the software. Getting the most up-to-date updates with shared documentation also helps you make decisions in real-time.

4. Regularly Engage Attendees Online

Event managers need to maintain good relationships with attendees. You cannot do this without regularly communicating with attendees. Association management software can help you engage attendees and build strong relationships with them.

You can send communication such as reminders and personalized thank you notes. It is also easy to embed social media into different software. This enables you to send videos and pictures to your audience, which helps you build and maintain good relationships.

Engaging your attendees during an event is preparing them for the next one. It would be best to keep the engagements going even long after the event through your social channels. This is one reason why associate management software is worth investing in as an event management professional.

5. Promote the Event Online

Promote events online

The only way to get attendees for your event is by marketing it. You can use various avenues to ensure information about an upcoming event reaches your target audience in time. You can advertise on your website, through emails, or on social media pages.

Online event marketing is one of the most cost-effective techniques available today. But then, you need to start with finding an association management software that supports event promotion. An ideal software should make linking to social media channels, email, etc., seamless.

Linking your social channels, email, etc., makes it easy to market from the event management software you use. This helps you save a lot of valuable time and helps you reach wider audiences. You can also promote your event offline using different avenues such as flyers, posters, etc.

6. Encourage Interaction Between Attendees

Event managers need to ensure people are talking about their events every time. This helps them keep attendees for future events and even attract new ones. One way to do this is to ensure that your attendees get a platform where they can socialize and share experiences.

As mentioned above, you need to find virtual event management software that you can use with social media. Many people use social channels today, and building a presence on different channels is vital. It would help if you easily kickstarted social media discussions right from the event management platform you use.

The good thing about promoting interactions with attendees is that you get feedback. You can follow the discussions and even take part to understand how people feel about your events. This can help you get insights on areas that you should improve on to host events better in the future.


Managing events with association management software makes things easy for event planners. You can use this suite of tools to do everything from managing contact databases, finances, and communication. As an event manager, the software you use helps you keep records and builds good relationships with constituents.

Besides, it makes communication relevant and efficient. This is because you can use the constituent information gathered by the software to personalize communication. Finding a friendly, flexible, and all-in-one event management solution can help you streamline processes.

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