Effective Social Media Community Management: Learn from a Pro


How does Social Media Examiner do it?  If Mari Smith trusts him to respond to fans on her Facebook Page, surely you can learn from him too!

This week I am joined by Juan Felix, a professional social media community manager and trainer who coordinates the fan and follower communities for such notable online entities including Social Media Examiner and Mari Smith.  Juan is owner of Felix Relationship Marketing and lives in the Netherlands with his wife and children.

It's all about keeping it practical, doable, and leading edge here at Halftime Mike so you can grow more leads and sales online!

Our topic Today:  Keys to Successful Social Media Community management

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Topics Covered:

  • The key parts to social media community management:

  1. Social Media expertise
    • Examples: Knowing when to use text (& how much text!) when to use visuals, sizes for visuals, and
  2. Brand/Industry knowledge
mari smith facebook page

Juan Felix at work on Mari Smith's Facebook Page

  • Items a Social Media Community Manager needs to educate themselves on for a brand:

  1. The goals of the business
  2. The Sales Funnel process of the business and how social media fits in
    • Is it sales conversion oriented, customer service oriented, both?
    • The “voice” of the business. Are they personal, professional, etc.  What style and message do they want to communicate?
  • Why not just hire a college kid who uses social media all the time?

  1. Personal use and business use are entirely different methods!
  2. This person will represent your company online, are you good with them doing that?
  3. What happens if a crisis on social comes up, are you confident in them handling it well?
One of the uniquely crafted posts by Juan Felix on the Social Media Examiner page

One of the uniquely crafted posts by Juan Felix on the Social Media Examiner page

The 3-2-1 Countdown tips:

3 First step tips for those looking to hire a Social Media Community Manager

  1. Be clear about your objectives and business goals, have them written out so you both know them! Related to this, know how you will measure success.
  2. Have a clear social media policy outlined. This should include information on frequency, type, style. It should also include information on how to handle spam, complaints, and negative comments.
  3. Have a system outlined! Expectations for a editorial calendar, documents on answers to “FAQ’s” and other brand/ company / industry resources.
  4. BONUS tip: Hire someone with empathy!  It must be a people-oriented person that likes to help people.  This is your resource on social media, so ensure they fit this “Helpful with empathy” persona!

2 Tips for a social media community manager to educate themselves on a client industry to ensure they are sharp with their social community management for that business:

  1. Research the biggest challenges in that industry
  2. Identify the biggest influencers in that industry

Juan noted that he uses Twitter Search for this type of research.  He also creates Twitter lists and Facebook Lists to follow pages and influencers to keep current.

Juan also noted the tool, Swayy, that he uses.  swayy

It allows users to add keywords and it then looks for content based on those words.  It allows users to share the content from within Swayy and provides analytics on the impact of those social shares (retweets, etc.)

1 Top Tip for how a community manager can be efficient and organized in their community management.

Use a system!

Juan has a daily routine of curating content he may use, and a content calendar he adds items to.  When posting content he makes sure he’s accessible (via mobile or desktop) when it goes live so he can respond to comments.  He then looks at the measurements of the impact of the posts to guide him going forward, and uses this to guide him as he repeats the process!

Bonus Tip:  Juan noted that he nearly always uses a image when tweeting on Twitter due to seeing much higher retweet rates.

All this and more nuggets of gold inside!

More on Juan Felix

Juan Felix is known to be a Relationship Expert. Having a Master’s Degree in Social Science – he injected his studies and passion into social media and marketing. Felix lives in Amersfoort, Netherlands with his my wife and two beautiful kids, where he's a hard working businessman, but he always looks for the right balance between work and family!

Juan got the idea to name his business, Felix Relationship Marketing (which he started in 2010), after he read the book: The New Relationship Marketing” by Mari Smith.

  • Some of his endeavors also include working for Amy Porterfield as an Online Training support in her FB Ads Insider
  • Editorial Contributor to Social Media Magazines
  • Editor in Chief in Nieuwe Media Gids
  • Associate Writer: Social Media Consultant for Businesses and Marketers in Smedio!
  • Facebook Marketing Consultant, Social Media Publisher, Blogger, Google Adwords Consultant in Mirror Yourself

Find Juan Felix Online:









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