Easy Ways To Keep Your Business Safe

Easy Ways To Keep Your Business Safe

Safety might not be the first thing you of when you’re designing your office space. However, while you’re worried about the atmosphere, you should consider safety in order to keep both your business and your staff safe. Office safety should be taken seriously, but there are some simple ways to make your business a safer place to be. 

Get Insurance

Make sure you have proper insurance for your business. Both your buildings and contents should be insured. This protects you from ending up out of pocket repairing damage after a disaster, like a fire in the office, a flood, or another mishap that causes costly damage or stops you from being able to operate as normal. 

Light Your Parking Spaces

If you have parking at your business, make sure it is safe for your staff by keeping it well lit. Motion sensitive lights are a good idea, as they are usually cheaper to run than lights that are on all the time. Any kind of lighting will really help to make your staff feel secure when they’re returning to their cars in the evening. Lepro LED shoebox lights work well for parking lots. 

Tidy Up Clutter

Offices can quickly become full of clutter, with stacks of paperwork and boxes all over the place. However, clutter can create more dangers than you’d think. Items left in walkways are a hazard for falls and can block safe exit routes in the event of a fire. Put things away so they’re not causing an obstruction. Keep things tidy and they’re far less likely to cause an accident. In your storage areas, keep heavy things lower down so accidents don’t happen with heavy items falling on people when they’re trying to lift them down. 

Organize Cables

Cables are a common problem in most offices. The desks tend to have a lot of cables all around them, due to all the wires needed for computers, phones, lamps, and other electronics. All those trailing wires can be very easy to trip over. Sockets with too many things plugged into them can also be a fire hazard. To stop this happening, make sure you aren’t running too many items from the same socket. Make sure your extension cords have surge protection to protect your electronics. Keep the cables and wires tidy and out of the way so nobody can trip over them and be badly hurt.  

Encourage Safe Desk Setup

A desk that hasn’t been set-up in an ergonomic way can cause health trouble. When people are sitting all day at an awkward angle, this can cause painful shoulders and a bad back. Make sure desks and chairs are adjustable and show your staff how to set up their desk in an ergonomic way. Give access to items like keyboard rests, stands for screens, and other bits that can be used to change the desk set-up to make it comfortable, with everything at the correct height to avoid bad backs, eye strain, and other troubles. 

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