Discover Major Barriers To Your eLearning Program

Discover Major Barriers To Your eLearning Program

You’ll be amazed to know how little eLearning is used in organizations for employee training and development, even though it has been in the market for over two decades. eLearning courses are intended to engage learners to improve their skills. They usually expect online learning activities and modules, to be motivational and engaging but unluckily, eLearning professionals have many obstacles that they must overcome.

Now, let us focus on major eLearning barriers that interfere with the engagement of online learners with online learning programs.

1. Lack of motivation

Motivation tops the list when it comes to obstacles in eLearning. After all, it is one of the most common challenges that every learner and instructor faces. But there is a way to get your online students interested and actively engaged in the program by installing an LMS with gamification features such as trainual. Certificates, badges, leaderboards, and points give them the motivation they need to achieve the desired results.

2. Insufficient tech experience

Online students sometimes hesitate while starting online learning as they do not have much technical experience. This belief discourages many learners from taking online classes.  However, you can soothe their concerns by providing personalized support and online tutorials to them. Creating online trials that give them the idea of how to utilize and access the LMS or inviting them to a modern eLearning webinar where they'll walk through the process. Thus, the sub rosa of making them feel correct about the technical experience at home in the eLearning environment.

3. The boredom of virtual learning

When boredom arrives, virtual learners leave. However, solving this mess once and for all is one of the greatest businesses for eLearning experts. There's no secret sauce to making eLearning programs interesting and engaging. But the best way to prevent disinterest is to know the online learners. Identify their needs, goals, and expectations by conducting surveys, pre-assessments, and interviews. Moreover, create personal learning courses that allow online learners to select their eLearning activities.

4. Past experiences

Not everyone has great experience with online learning. Unfortunately, some of the online learners may have dealt with self-defeating opinions and beliefs. This is the reason why they are unwilling to enroll now. However, you cannot erase the past, but you can ensure that you make them enthusiastic and interested in your virtual learning course. One of the best ways to do this is by carrying out questionnaires and polls to identify pain areas you need to tackle.

5. Ideological deadlines

eLearning experts are most likely to work on an idealistic schedule for virtual learning courses in their careers. Many of them have struggled to meet the deadlines. In such a case, there’s no possibility of success at the last stage but there are a few circumstances to deliver the training sessions on time and effectively. Therefore, you must figure out the best possible solution in such cases. Make sure to include all internal stakeholders and provide realistic timetables while creating the online learning material, so that you can meet the requirements.

6. Old school connectivity

Remote servers that only work on VPNs and company connections are one of the major barriers to eLearning. It not only works anymore but also puts a huge obstacle between your employees and their training. One of the best ways to overcome this is by moving to cloud-based software so that the training can be accessed anytime and anywhere on any device. Moreover, the security of LMS software nowadays is very high and automatic.


Engaging learners in an eLearning program can be very tough sometimes. You have to make an intended effort to encourage learning one way or another. However, keep these above-mentioned tips on hand to tackle eLearning program barriers and get online learners enthusiastic about the eLearning experience.

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