4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Crafting the perfect marketing campaign can take a lot of research and work. Now that people are connecting with each other and businesses online at an increasing rate, the need to incorporate digital marketing strategies is more important than ever. Many companies have at least one social media account to connect with customers, but it may be necessary to expand to other avenues to reach customers. Influencers, podcasts, fostering goodwill and engaging with consumers are all good ways companies can increase their reach and they are leading digital marketing trends to watch. Let's look at each closer in this post.

1. Influencer Content

Social media influencers have become prominent, with some of them garnering thousands or even millions of loyal followers. Working with an influencer through sponsorships or product reviews can be an excellent way to gain new clients. However, it is important that potential influencers be thoroughly researched beforehand to ensure their followers are part of the company’s target audience.

2. Podcasts

Most podcasts can be produced much more cheaply than videos or commercials and can be listened to while people work, do chores or relax. Marketing professionals like Eyal Gutentag have embraced the use of podcasts because of their potential to reach large groups of people. Because most podcasts are geared towards a specific group of people with a common interest, it can be easy for marketers to figure out exactly which ones will be an ideal advertising platform.

3. Reputation Management

Social media platforms make it easy for companies to engage directly with consumers. Because customers are able to find multiple businesses online, they can choose to align themselves with a brand that has the same values. Acts of goodwill, such as supporting certain charities, can be a great way for companies to build a positive reputation.  Being a "good brand" is one of the growing digital marketing trends.  It always pays to do good!

4. Creative Customer Engagement

The use of technology allows people to receive feedback quickly. Using online chat programs can allow customer service representatives to interact quickly and efficiently with consumers. Social media posts and emails are good ways to communicate company changes, hype up product launches or simply chat with customers directly. The growing popularity of live streaming events creates opportunities for companies that want to interact with a national or global market. Many companies have established email lists, and, as long as the content is relevant and interesting, that tactic can work wonderfully.

While traditional marketing methods are not going anywhere, digital marketing tactics are an increasingly important part of most marketing campaigns. Researching new digital marketing trends and experimenting with new strategies can be a great way for companies to boost sales.

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