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Basic IT Security Tips You Don't Want To Ignore

October 4, 2019
As a small business owner, issues like cybersecurity might not be at the top of your priorities list. For starters, you haven’t got enough people in place to worry about it for you. However, online security is something that everyone should prioritize, from individuals to large corporations. Online crime is on the rise, and it’s […]

The Cybersecurity Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

September 5, 2019
Your biggest mistake, of course, would be to disregard cybersecurity in the first place. But we are assuming you aren't that negligent, as (unless you have been living under a rock), you are probably fully aware of the hacking attempts that have been made on big businesses both large and small over the last few […]

Best Ways of Providing High Level Cybersecurity for your WordPress Site

August 26, 2019
Cybersecurity is a growing global issue today. As technology grows, cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and challenging to address. Having the tools to address these evolving issues is paramount. We are defining cybersecurity as the tools, methods, and technology used to protect digital networks, programs, data, and tools - both software and hardware - from digital […]

Huge Security Mistakes Every Small Business Must Avoid

August 12, 2019
Like most other business activities, protecting your business from security mistakes requires adequate planning and execution, along with good management. You must make security a top priority and commit to making changes that work for your venture in the long term. The trouble is, not all entrepreneurs take security matters seriously. While all companies have […]

A Guide to Mobile Security Challenges and Their Solutions

August 1, 2019
Cybersecurity research shows that the number of malware in use is escalating and mobile users are threatened more than ever. Mobile security threats not only impact smartphones but have their impact across all small screen devices including wearable, PDA’s and laptops that are connected to public networks. On one side the corporate data breaches have […]

The Importance of Active Cyber Defense in Conquering Cybersecurity Threats

July 2, 2019
Cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern among all internet users and in all aspects of the virtual world. Users and institutions cannot take it lightly as hacked networks can eventually affect their financial standing, marketing campaigns, their social media goals, and reputation, among others. The prevalence of cyber crimes forces them to put up […]

5 Reasons Hard Drive Destruction Company Can Benefit your Business

May 8, 2019
What do you do with those old hard drives?  If you are in the process of improving your IT and getting rid of old hard drives for your business, then it’s critical that you take the appropriate measures to avoid breaching data.  Although you may think the cheapest option is to destroy the drive’s yourself […]

What Are The Real Risks Of Using Social Media?

March 29, 2019
Most business owners will know that joining social media is one of the best ways to promote their business online. Social media can be a great way to not only engage with customers in an informal capacity but to also reach audiences that your company may not have had access to before. However, there are […]

How to Keep Your Employees On Your Side When Breaches Happen

March 28, 2019
The best security system in the world can be hacked. It is a terrifying fact that cannot be avoided today. Facebook has been hacked, which we all remember. Governments around the world have been hacked (sadly). Individuals have been hacked. If a multi-billion dollar corporation and the world’s leaders can be impacted, anyone can. The […]

Staying Digitally Safe in a World of Cyber Threats

February 27, 2019
It’s a scary world out there. Desktop software, using software-as-a-service apps and mobile apps all have their points of vulnerability, and so do the underlying operating systems. You only have to look at the number of Windows updates and rapid iOS or Android app updates almost weekly to see that software bugs do exist, and […]

Mobile safety: 5 signs your phone has malware

February 20, 2019
Smartphones have become a must-have commodity to every user in the present day. Moreover, with the increasing advancements in the smartphone industry, new malware attacks are also on the high. Malware and other viruses are known to be relentless for their attacks on phones; they will always cause you a series of damage. It can […]

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