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Why Cyber Security Training Is Crucial For Remote Employees

July 5, 2021
As more companies expand the option for employees to work remotely, the risk for cyberattacks increases. Working from home presents a unique set of security vulnerabilities, such as unsecured home networks or mobile devices used to access work files.  Here are some top reasons why cyber security training is more important than ever right now for companies […]

What to Move When Decommissioning a Data Center

July 3, 2021
Your company’s data center is the backbone of all your application and data storage. Without a functioning data center daily business couldn’t be done and the ability to track and record mission-critical activity would be greatly reduced. However, there comes a time when a data system will need to be shut down and decommissioned.  How […]

7 Ways Your Business Can Practice Office Security

June 19, 2021
Regardless of the size, business organizations face security risks at all fronts. Since offices often act as depositories of valuable assets, they’re vulnerable to potential physical threats such as theft, burglary, and even natural disasters.  Similar to cyberattacks, your office premises may also become targets of unauthorized access, vandalism, and other malicious events. For these […]

How Online Consumers Can Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft

June 19, 2021
Identity theft is a wide phrase that refers to the theft of a piece of personal information to create a new identity. Among the most common types of identity theft are: Theft of a social security number Tax identity theft Theft of an online account Business identity theft These are just a few examples of […]

Top Ten Types of Bots You Need to Know About

June 9, 2021
With so many different types of bots out there, it can be overwhelming trying to get to grips with them all. However, with this handy guide, you’ll get to know some of the most common ones.  1. Shopping Bots Whenever you use a shopping comparison site, like Compare the Market, search engines use bots to […]

7 Ways To Enhance Data Security Of Your Business

June 8, 2021
Data security is crucial to the overall well-being of any business. Your financial records, trade secrets, and employee records all require protection. Once compromised, you could suffer financial and reputational damages. As such, you should ensure you enhance your data security for the safety of your business. Enhance Data Safety Luckily, there are ways to […]

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) Explained

May 25, 2021
Cybercrime continues to grow and email is one of the main ways cybercriminals try to gain access to computers and networks. When an email is secured with encryption along with a header added to the message it is much safer and many phishing schemes are then unable to get through. The implementation for emails is […]

Business VPN: What It Is and How It Can Help Secure Your Business

April 16, 2021
A VPN or virtual private network, is like an additional piece of security for your devices and your networks. With a VPN your data is encrypted as it travels. Thereby keeping your browsing activities anonymous and your data hidden. VPNs are growing in popularity with many businesses investing in one along with many people for […]

Secure VPN Solutions for Business

April 16, 2021
Do you want to arrange a safe remote environment for your employees to work from home? Consider top effective business VPN solutions for a smooth working process. Why VPN for Business is Crucial? The situation with coronavirus spread all over the world has affected all spheres of people’s lives in a way nobody could even […]

Website Malware Best Practices For Online Businesses

April 15, 2021
For an online business owner, your website is your virtual storefront. The people that come into that storefront expect you to keep it safe and secure. If your customers and prospects suspect that their safety will be compromised by visiting you, odds are they will avoid your online space and head across the “street” to […]

CCTV Technology: How a Business can Best Protect their Assets

March 26, 2021
As a landlord, the safety and security of every property should be your top priority. It does not matter if it is a residential or commercial building. If you own any kind of property, it is your obligation to ensure that it is safe from burglars, potential fire, and other security threats. After all, why […]

How To Effectively Secure and Protect Your Data When Paying Online

March 22, 2021
Did you know that, according to research by, almost 65% of credit card owners save their credit card numbers online or in phone apps. All despite the fact most of them fear their personal information may be compromised? Credit card users often lack caution when it comes to entering their personal info and saving […]

6 Considerations For Management And Fraud Prevention In Your Business

March 20, 2021
Fraud is a serious problem that could bring down businesses of all sizes and types. There are different types of management and financial fraud that could badly affect your B2B business. From workers’ compensation, returns, fake money, payroll fraud, to identity theft. Fortunately, this serious problem can be prevented if your business has fraud management […]

Why Your Business Network Must Be 100% Secured in 2021

March 9, 2021
The absolute last thing you want when you’ve dedicated a huge amount of time to your business is for there to be an attack on it. An attack potentially leads to sensitive information being taken or stolen. You put so much time and effort into building this idea, just for someone to have the audacity […]

How to Protect Intellectual Property From Potential Threats

March 2, 2021
Today, there are a lot of scammers looking to make a profit off business owners. They do this through various brand infringement practices like copyright infringement, selling counterfeit products under your brand name, creating duplicate websites for malicious intent, trade infringement, or impersonating your brand. That is why protecting your brand’s intellectual property is important. […]

Making Your E-Commerce Site Secure

February 28, 2021
PCI DSS was released in 1999 when Visa created a Cardholder Information Security Program. This was to respond to the rise in online credit card fraud. Currently, businesses are using the PCI DSS 3.2.1 standard to keep their e-commerce sites secure. The data security standard, PCI DSS 4.0 is set to be released very soon. […]

Why It's Important To Know About The Security Principles of Using the Cloud

January 20, 2021
Enterprises are generating and storing more and data in the cloud. Due to this the potential security threats are higher than ever. However, while the cloud has been embraced as a driver of efficiency, experimentation and scale in many more organizations today compared to say, 10 years ago, the traditional approaches towards security still appear […]

Why Should You Be Aware Of Data Centre Colocation Security?

January 9, 2021
Data centre security refers to the measures, policies, technologies and practices in place to protect the virtual and physical aspects of the facility. It stores the essential data and systems a company requires for various operations. In this regard, you ought to know the importance of data centre colocation security to keep your colocation facility […]

Top Reasons Business Cyber Security is Important More Than Ever

January 9, 2021
In simple words, cyber attacks are more common than ever. Experts believe a cyber attack takes place every 39 seconds. This affects millions of people throughout the year. As soon as an attack takes place, companies can lose data worth millions of dollars. This is why the emphasis on business cyber security is higher than […]

Retailers Hit Hard By DDoS During COVID-19

January 3, 2021
Entrepreneurs have the ability to identify a “pain point” that exists with a particular user experience, and then come up with a solution that remedies it in as seamless a way as possible. Cybercriminals have a similar ability. Only instead of coming up with solutions to challenges people are facing, they seize opportunities to cause […]

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