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VPNs have become an integral part of our daily Internet lives. It protects our identity by blocking trackers and anonymizing the IP address, which is in itself the primary security for all marketing trackers, government, and social media services who want to know our location and activity so that they can benefit from it, but this feature is not limited to that. VPNs allow us to unblock sites, videos, and many services that have been blocked by our ISP, government, or service owners to determine our geographic location, or that are only available to users in certain locations. I personally use a VPN to browse HULU, which is only available in the US, block ad trackers, and regularly browse torrent sites.  The key is to find a free Windows VPN that is quality.

I use a free VPN, but those that were previously available for free have become a waste. You may also have noticed that these free VPNs have painfully slow servers, they are easily identifiable, and for the most part, don't work. I recently started using iTop VPN. It offers a free VPN for Windows, which is equivalent to even the premium VPN services available there. I was surprised to see that my internet speeds of 85 Mbps using only iTop VPN free servers, which remain around 85 to 91 Mbps without VPN.  So let's look further at this free Windows VPN solution.

iTop VPN: Why should you try it?

I've been using iTop VPN for a month and a half, and as I used this free VPN service more and more, I realized a lot of great and very important features that aren't available with other free alternatives to Windows.

Fast VPN server

iTop VPN is a popular free Windows VPN service used by both individuals and businesses. This service is especially popular among gamers and streaming service users due to its almost delayed availability on the Internet.

The service has more than 1,000 servers located in more than 100 countries to make sure that multiple servers are available for each location. This ensures that you always get a low ping due to the nearest, fastest and least congested server.

Military privacy

The iTop VPN service is particularly concerned about the privacy of its customers. By enabling this VPN, it encrypts your data so that all your Internet activity is in a secure tunnel so that no attacker, marketing agency or government can spy on your data or steal it for personal gain.

In addition, the service itself will not store your data on its servers, which actually removes your personalization, but actually makes your identity particularly safe and secure for me to erase your traces, according to the experts at

Especially social VPN servers

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are used to track your ads. Most free and high-end VPNs will not work to make your location anonymous or protect your privacy, but iTop VPN has built special social VPN servers that are completely effective against social media tracking.

So if you want to browse social media sites while protecting your identity without risking your social media account, then these socially secure VPN servers from iTop VPN are a must.

Free VPN server

iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows servers that is always available and running at maximum speed. There are several free VPN servers available in the United States or around the world. They work as efficiently as high-end servers and have all the protection and security of a VIP server.

Multi-platform support

This free Windows VPN service is available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You can use iTop VPN simultaneously on up to 5 devices, which is more than enough for individuals. So whether you want to use this VPN on your Windows computer, Windows laptop, Android phone, Android tablet, or your iPhone alone or at the same time, iTop VPN provided you with help.

More reasons to love iTop VPN

I've used iTop VPN PUBG, popular streaming services and social media. I've downloaded several movies using this VPN service. The highest level of anonymity, unlimited bandwidth and the strongest protection provided by iTop VPN is unmatched. Amazing features like Kill Switch, Load on Startup, secure protocols make you especially confident that you will remain untraceable at all times.

So, I can safely say you will want to strongly consider using this free Windows VPN for your PC if you really want to unlock sites, stream content and protect your identity online, but you have a firm hand. The free plan provides more than enough free VPN servers to start with, and whenever you need it, you can upgrade to iTop VPN premium plans, which give you access to more than 1,000 servers in more than 100 locations.

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