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Comparison between Dogecoin and Bitcoin

March 4, 2023
This new digital or virtual currency market is expanding phenomenally, and it has been widely embraced worldwide over the past several years. Although many people have begun to put money into virtual currencies, few can articulate the key distinctions between Dogecoin and Bitcoin. In fact, many do not argue which is superior. Trading no longer […]

Peer-to-Peer Technology is What Makes Bitcoin Transactions Possible

March 3, 2023
P2P (Peer-to-Peer) is shorthand for cooperative data and asset technology exchange between peers without a trusted intermediary. This is an example of decentralized communication in which two or more parties establish a direct connection. Here they can exchange data, funds, or other assets. Now Blockchain is a critical component of democracy. In a P2P transaction, […]

A Beginner’s Guide: What is Token Burning?

February 11, 2023
Token burning is an important process when it comes to understanding the value of crypto tokens. However, the process has different implications depending on whether its supply is finite or infinite. For example, burning Bitcoin with only 21 million tokens would have a larger impact in terms of valuation than burning Ethereum’s unlimited supplies of […]

How to Calculate your Crypto Profits?

February 11, 2023
Investing always includes the potential to generate profits. Without careful consideration, however, investments may backfire and lead to a financial loss. All investors must do their due diligence by making accurate calculations and using effective strategies to maximize their return on investment. Making a consistent and profitable return on cryptocurrency investments can be an incredibly […]

What's the Difference between Fantom (FTM) and Solana (SOL)?

February 10, 2023
Blockchains prove to be beneficial not only in the case of coin generation but also to support some of the most serious issues concerning digital and crypto platforms. As we know, Ethereum has proved itself to be a dominant constituent in the crypto space. Though Ethereum is freely available customers are finding some other alternative […]

Basics That Everyone Should Know About the Crypto Market

January 3, 2023
Various individuals claim it is easy to earn money through the crypto market. But, in reality, the market is quite complicated and one needs to know about it to earn through this market. Professionals claim that if one can crack the code of the market, he can break all the bars and be at the […]

Understanding the Role of the Bitcoin Exchange

January 3, 2023
We are all aware of the risks involved in purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. Most beginners think that this is a field where one can earn thousands of dollars without investing much time. But, in reality, one small mistake can take away your entire investment fund.  This is an industry where one needs to be very […]

Understanding Peer-To-Peer Technology in Crypto World

January 3, 2023
Peer-to-Peer technology depends on decentralization, which lets members of the network manager exchange funds with each other without any central authority, go-betweens, or focal server. Peer-to-peer technology is how Bitcoin works. No executive expects to keep track of client exchanges on the network. The peers in the network collaborate to deal with bargains and Bitcoin. […]

Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Not Going Anywhere

January 1, 2023
We are now all aware of the popularity of Bitcoin. After all, Bitcoin is not going anywhere anytime soon. There was a time when people used to think that Bitcoin was the only crypto available. However, there are thousands of them and many of those cryptos are also fruitful for investment. But, it is also […]

Top Cryptocurrency Apps in India 2022-23

December 26, 2022
Trading in cryptocurrencies is a brand-new finance area that gives people many options. But if you want to make the most of this new environment, you'll need to ensure you have the right tools. People have used mobile apps to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies for regular money. Because of this, it shouldn't be surprising […]

Crypto Predictions that Might Actually Come True in 2023

December 26, 2022
People’s opinions on cryptocurrencies vary widely. While some believe cryptocurrencies to be a revolutionary technology that has the power to reshape the global financial system and offer innovative solutions to many of the world’s money-related problems, others think they’re nothing more than a waste of time and people should just treat them as a fleeting […]

How Social Listening Helped Us to Grow a Brand? TradeCrypto Case Study

December 15, 2022
Businesses should be more conscious than ever that simply monitoring social media to boost brand recognition is no longer as effective. The process of social listening is very beneficial, and it assisted us in growing our brand. In this article, you’ll find many interesting things about social listening strategy and learn how helpful it was […]

What Is the Difference Between Top Crypto Gainers and Losers?

December 14, 2022
Cryptocurrencies are gaining their value from the trust and energy of their users, as well as from the technological solutions they provide. They have become increasingly popular over time, but it is important to understand how crypto gainers differ from losers to make the right investment decisions. Differences Between Cryptocurrency and Fiat Cryptocurrencies are intangible […]

This Green Cryptocurrency Will Explode and Give 100x Gains

December 14, 2022
People in the modern world are looking for the "perfect" green cryptocurrency to invest in more and more because it won't "burden" the earth with pollution. This is because we now live in a different time. But it's important to know that investing in cryptocurrency is an excellent way to make money and is suitable […]

5 Cryptos on the Verge of Exploding - Have You Bought Them Yet?

December 13, 2022
The hype surrounding cryptocurrencies has reached an all-time high in recent years, but there are still plenty of promising options that are set to explode and turn your investment into millions over the coming months and years. It's common to find oneself in a bear market for bitcoin. This explains some mistakes to avoid during […]

The Best Cryptos To Buy As The Market Dips

December 13, 2022
The cryptocurrency market has been on a wild ride the past few months with massive surges and record lows. But, it seems to be leveling out now. This gives investors an opportunity to make some money if they know what to buy. Make your investment in all these cryptos today with bitcoin evolution! Here are […]

How Cryptocurrency Will Transform The Future of Business: Self-Custody Cryptocurrency

December 6, 2022
The cryptocurrency market has been generally regarded as in a slump as of last month, as FTX was outed as being an insolvent exchange. This fallout aside, there’s still hope for the future of crypto. In fact, many experts are calling 2023 the next crypto boom thanks to the promise of iGaming with bitcoin games, […]

How to Use Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

December 6, 2022
Crypto trading attracts numerous people because it is simple, rewarding, and exciting. If you have the necessary expertise and skills, this is a fantastic chance to make additional income or perhaps a full-time living. That's why the number of traders expands each year. However, there are also significant negatives among which is the fact that […]

Are Cryptocurrencies Regulated in the UK?

December 4, 2022
There are many reasons why people choose to live in Britain: it's home to some of Europe's oldest universities and has some beautiful countryside. Besides that, the country also has a very open approach towards digital currencies, making it an ideal place if you're interested in trading or just using them as part of your […]

10 Basic Chart Patterns You Need To Know As A Trader

December 1, 2022
Chart patterns happen to be an important aspect of technical analysis. However, they need a bit of time to get accustomed to prior to being able to be used effectively. To be able to come to terms with it, here are 10 chart patterns which a trader should get used to: A chart pattern refers […]
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