Brand Elements That Every Business Website Should Use

Brand Elements That Every Business Website Should Use

A strong and consistent brand image is the foundation on which successful business websites are built. A brand image that extends from your website to all your online profiles tells customers who you are and why they should care about you. Additionally, it gives them a way to remember your business and brand. Identifying the brand elements that will help you be recognizable not only on your website but across the internet are, therefore, crucial.

Brands and Brand Elements: A Short Explanation

A brand is the totality of your business’s identity. It includes all its associated visual elements, plus the personality it portrays to the public. The visual elements that describe and differentiate your business from your competitors help you to be more recognizable online and offline. The more people know about your business and can recognize it quickly, the better. After all, the more acquitted they become, the likelier they are to turn into loyal customers.

Ensuring your website uses strong branding elements creates a solid foundation for marketing, public relations, customer relationships, and advertising. So, which of these elements should you add to your website?

Name, Logo, and Logo Variations

Your name and logo are the most crucial branding elements of them all. Your business name gives customers insight into who you are and what you do. This happens even when they do not visit your website or know about your online presence.

Almost all businesses use their logo on their website instead of their name. A logo gives you more flexibility, such as allowing you to use different relevant graphics alongside your business name to make it stand out.

There is no problem with the logo being the business name either, or a variation of it. For example, Orbital Packaging uses Orbi Packaging on its logo, which works well. Such a logo also works like the business name would in such a situation, as the customer can see that the company handles packaging just by looking at it.

Logo variations serve two main functions; they can be used in place of the main logo if users use dark mode on their browsers and on social media where you might need variations for different platforms.


While there are infinite color choices and combinations, you need to think carefully about which represents your brand best. These are the colors that people will see not only on your website but also on your advertising material and social media pages, and profiles.

As with your name, the colors you use on your website can tell people what your business is about. The reason is the psychology of color that says we associate colors with different emotions and messaging, such as red being exciting and dangerous, blue being calming and safe, and yellow being bright and happy.


Many businesses overlook the typefaces they use on their websites and how these align with their brands. Every business should have, at most, three typefaces for their website and marketing materials. These are a typeface for the headers, a complementary one for the main text body, and a third one that acts as an accent typeface.

Image Styles

The photos you use on your website will also tell a lot about you and your brand. Landscape photos, candid shots, and abstract art all evoke different emotions and cause people to think about your business differently, for example.

If you do not know which photos to use, work with a branding expert who will help you create a folder of pictures for you to use across your website and on your social media pages and profiles.

Every iconic brand has something that everyone remembers about it. It could be the creative use of colors and typefaces or its appeal to a specific demographic through images, videos, and messaging. Regardless, there are specific elements that all of them use across all their assets, including their websites. Find brand elements that work for you and work with them to create a strong online brand.

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