Boost Business by Adding Company Branding to These Things

Branding is essential for businesses large and small. From your logo to the colors you choose for your website, branding helps to convey your company's message and meaning. There are other promotional items which will help to make your business more eye-catching and may increase sales by adding company branding too.  With that backdrop, let's dive in. 

Essential Steps to Follow When Branding Your Business

As you develop your business' branding, follow these steps: 

  1. Design a great logo that communicates what your business involves. 
  2. Write down your key message, mission, and voice. 
  3. Create a tagline that communicates the essence of your business memorably and concisely. 
  4. Develop brand guidelines and standards for marketing materials. 
  5. Integrate your brand with every aspect of your business. 
  6. Deliver on your brand promise and be true to its intent.
  7. Be consistent with your branding

Top Items to Brand with Your Company's Logo

  • Business Cards: Every company should keep a stock of business cards, even if you don't provide individualized cards for each employee. Some employees, such as administrative staff or internal employees, do not need their own business cards. However, they can still give your company's information to friends or acquaintances to promote your business' products or services. Other employees, including salespeople and marketing team members, will need individualized business cards printed with their company contact information to promote your business as part of their job duties.
  • Signage: If you have a Mainstreet business, your signage will help bring more foot traffic through your doors and almost certainly increases sales. If your company operates out of an office in a high-rise, you can still promote your business by adding your company name to the directory in the lobby or adding branded materials to the front of your office door. For booths at farmers' markets and conventions, be sure to have a large sign identifying your business and setting your company apart from the other booths at the event.
  • Display Materials: If your company does presentations at industry conventions, promotes products or services at events, or sells items at a farmers market or festival, it's a good place for adding company branding to display materials. Things such as branded table covers, banners, or product packaging can help to call attention to your items and your company booth at these events. 
  • Office Supplies and Freebies: Lots of businesses like to keep a stock of giveaway items that are decorated with their branding. Typical items include pens, keychains, sticky notes, magnets, and other small knick-knacks. There are nearly endless options for small items to brand with your company's logo. You can have the logo printed on stress balls, sports gear, and even food items. 
  • Apparel: You can invest in T-shirts, and other clothing with your logo and other branding screen printed or also embossed or embroidered on them for a walking promotional opportunity. As your employees, clients, or other individuals wear these items, they can unconsciously advertise your business for very little investment. Make sure the apparel is comfortable, reflects the values of your business, and is attractive or fun to increase the likelihood that people will choose to wear the clothing for their everyday activities. 

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