Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner

Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner

If you're involved in options trading, you've likely heard about the potential rewards of spotting unusual options activity. These anomalies in trading volume often foretell significant price movements in the stock market.

The key to higher returns could lie in monitoring these anomalies. In this extended guide, we'll delve into the best unusual options activity scanner options available to enhance your trading decisions.

Whether you're a day trader or an institution, the platforms we'll discuss offer various potent tools. From costs to features, we'll dissect everything you need to know to align with a platform that complements your trading approach.

So, let's get you prepared to refine your trading techniques.

What Is Unusual Options Activity?

So, you're curious about what people mean when discussing "unusual options activity," right? In simple terms, it's when more options contracts are traded than usually seen.

Imagine it like a busy restaurant—more customers than usual might mean the food is really good. In the same way, this extra activity can be a sign that someone big is making moves in the market.

Now, why should you care? This kind of unusual action often comes before a stock starts to move a lot in price. It's like seeing clouds gathering before a storm. So, everyday folks and big investment firms pay much attention to this. They use special tools to keep track of it as it happens.

We will consider six top platforms: InsiderFinance, Market Rebellion, Unusual Whales, Market Chameleon, Cheddar Flow, and OptionStrat. Each has its strengths and weaknesses; we'll look at them in detail.

1. InsiderFinance

InsiderFinance emerges as an interesting choice when considering platforms, especially for those who want to mirror the big names in the market. The core strength of this platform lies in its focus on data from institutional investors. Real-time information on large options contracts enables you to keep pace with market leaders.

Notably, this is more than a platform for simple observation; it's intended for active trading. Interactive charts are integrated within, letting you conduct your technical analysis without leaving the dashboard.

Therefore, it is a comprehensive package for anyone serious about trading options. Custom alerts ensure that you don't overlook any pivotal options trading alert service announcements.

2. Market Rebellion

Market Rebellion should not go unnoticed if you're a trader eager to learn and earn. This platform distinguishes itself with a focus on education. Real-time data is at your fingertips, but so is invaluable education about trading strategies. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, Market Rebellion has something for everyone.

What you'll also find here are customized watchlists that let you track particular stocks or options. Furthermore, the platform zeroes in on options volume, offering traders insights on possible market directions.

It is like having an options prop trading firm guidebook in a digital format, catering to traders who desire knowledge and timely data.

3. Unusual Whales

For traders who thrive on real-time updates, Unusual Whales stand out. The platform excels in delivering data at the speed of now, backed by custom alerts to notify you about any unusual options activity.

Moreover, the platform sheds light on trading days, providing insights into short-term market dynamics. What adds to its charm is the exhaustive data it offers. Everything aims to give you a holistic understanding of the market, from options flow to exit signals.

So, if staying ahead with real-time information is your priority, Unusual Whales is a platform you may want to consider. You might find it one of the best stock screeners for your needs.

4. Market Chameleon

For those who relish data-driven trading, Market Chameleon offers more than you'd expect. Beyond tracking unusual options activity, it dives into analytics, providing features like dark pool prints and technical indicators. These features offer you an edge in strategizing your trades.

It also keeps you up-to-date on options volume and potential trades daily. Its financial performance charts could potentially give you a new perspective on the options you are considering. Think of it as one of the stock research websites where your analytics and tracking needs can be met in one place.

5. Cheddar Flow

If simplicity is what you seek, Cheddar Flow delivers. The user-friendly interface is for traders who desire real-time data for quick trading decisions. But don't let its simplicity fool you; the platform doesn't skimp on essential tools.

With Cheddar Flow, you have various charting tools at your disposal for a quick technical analysis. Information on unusual and trading volumes is also available, offering a broad view of the market's activities.

It's a platform for retail investors who appreciate straightforwardness in their trading tools.

6. OptionStrat

OptionStrat offers a blend of interactive charts and stringent technical criteria, making it an ideal platform for traders keen on conducting their technical analysis. Customizable watchlists enable you to scrutinize specific options or stocks closely.

The platform offers an options screener, a more targeted way to discover potential trades. This feature lets you sift through options based on your criteria.

The focus here is undeniably on active traders needing real-time data to make quick decisions. It could be an indispensable tool for those committed to hands-on trading.

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