Best Options Trading Alert Service

Best Options Trading Alert Service

Options trading has become popular for investors looking to diversify and maximize returns. However, it requires understanding the markets and strategies. Option trading alert services provide real-time alerts for potential trades based on various criteria to help traders make informed decisions.

Alert services are a great starting point if you're interested in options but don't know where to begin. They do the heavy lifting for you by constantly monitoring the markets and notifying you of opportune moments to buy or sell options contracts based on your trading preferences. Some focus on day trading, swing trading, or long-term investing.

Rather than spending hours analyzing charts and data, you can rely on the expertise of seasoned options traders. They determine the best entry and exit points based on technical indicators and market sentiment. You get notifications via text, email, or their mobile app so you can act quickly on new positions.

With the variety of trading alert services as well as an options trading service available, you can find one tailored to your needs as an options novice or advanced trader. Do your due diligence to find a reputable service with a proven track record to help you navigate the exciting world of options.

Top 7 Best Options Trading Alert Services

When it comes to options trading alert services, you have many great choices.Here are some of the top options:

Stock Market Guides

Stock Market Guides offers an option trade alerts service that fits the true definition of the term. The alerts come by text or email and they’re designed primarily for active traders. Their trade alerts are based on statistical research and have an average annualized return of 136% in backtests.

PowerX Optimizer

PowerX Optimizer is best overall, especially for those seeking a tool that combines powerful analysis with a user-friendly interface.


TheoTrade is best for traders looking for a service with in-depth educational resources. Their courses cover options strategies for beginners to advanced traders.

Benzinga Options

Benzinga Options is best for traders wanting real-time options, trade alerts, and a vibrant trading community. They offer actionable alerts across stocks, ETFs, and indexes.

Market Chameleon

Best for retail investors needing comprehensive stock analysis software. Market Chameleon offers more than just options alerts. Their platform provides in-depth data and analysis for stocks, ETFs, and options to help you identify opportunities.

Motley Fool Options

Motley Fool Options is best for traders wanting extensive educational resources. They provide a weekly newsletter, video lessons, and a large library of options, strategies, and tutorials.


InsiderFinance is ideal if you prefer frequent alerts. They issue 10-15 options trade alerts each week, so you'll have plenty of opportunities. Their focus is on momentum trading to capitalize on short-term price movements.

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader has option trade alerts that are based on buying call options.  He had one month with his service where his featured option account made a 61% return.  He’s transparent and down to earth, which is rare to see in this industry.

Stock Market Guides

Stock Market Guides offers an option trade alerts service that stands out from any other we’ve seen.

They take popular chart patterns and stock indicators and research how often they have occurred in the past for each stock, and how they performed in each case.  They take the very best performers, determine the appropriate option to use for each one, and then send trade alerts for those.

Their options trade alerts have an average annualized return of 136% in backtests.  They’re not without risk, just like any other service here, but if you’re looking for the potential for explosive gains, this might be a service worth exploring.

You can get your trade alerts in the form of email or text messages.  This service is great for people who have busy schedules but want to have intelligence packed into their trading decisions.

PowerX Optimizer

The PowerX Optimizer platform offers two main trading strategies to help options traders find and place profitable trades. These are The PowerX Strategy and The Wheel Strategy.

The PowerX Strategy requires less capital, around $5,000, and focuses on trading weekly options. It aims to generate income through selling options and take advantage of time decay. This strategy is ideal if you want to dip your toe into options trading with a smaller account.

The Wheel Strategy, on the other hand, is better suited for accounts of $20,000 or more. It involves selling cash-secured puts to collect premiums and, if assigned, selling covered calls against the stock to generate income until the stock is called away. This cycle then repeats. The Wheel Strategy can generate monthly income but requires more capital.

Between the two strategies, the PowerX Optimizer software and Rockwell Trading's educational resources can help new and experienced traders start selling options to generate extra income each month. Check out their free video courses, eBooks, and more to learn the ins and outs before starting.


TheoTrade is an excellent resource for options traders looking to improve their skills. With a wealth of educational materials, tools, and a dedicated support team, TheoTrade offers everything you need to become a successful trader.

TheoTrade's chat room provides a community of like-minded traders. Get real-time alerts for the latest trading opportunities, ask questions, and share insights and strategies. The chat room is moderated by industry experts who provide guidance and recommendations to help you find the best trades.

For hands-on guidance, take advantage of TheoTrade's one-on-one coaching. Work directly with a professional trading coach who can evaluate your trading, provide customized strategies, and help you develop a tailored trading plan based on your goals. TheoTrade's coaches have decades of combined experience and a proven track record of success.

With a wealth of resources, an expert team, and a thriving community of traders, TheoTrade gives you everything you need to become a successful options trader. For those committed to continuous learning and growth, TheoTrade is an excellent choice.

Benzinga Options

Benzinga Options is an essential tool for active traders seeking an edge. It delivers real-time trade alerts to notify you of opportunities in the options market the moment they arise. Benzinga Options keeps you in the know, whether it's a sizable trade by a professional trader, an unusual options flow, or a technical breakout.

Stay on top of the latest options news and analysis with Benzinga Options' news feed. Get insights from Benzinga's team of in-house experts and analysts and aggregated content from hundreds of trusted media sources. News articles are optimized for options traders, focusing on market events that could impact the options market.

Benzinga Options provides actionable trading ideas to help you generate and evaluate options trade opportunities. Trading ideas include potential spreads, straddles, and other options strategies based on Benzinga's options flow data, analyst ratings, and more. Benzinga's team of experts analyzes each trading idea to determine the probability of success.

Benzinga Options is a trusted partner for professional traders seeking an advantage. Its features and commitment to timely data help users trade skillfully and profitably. The intuitive interface makes information clear and organized.

Motley Fool Options

The Motley Fool Options is a great alert service for beginner and experienced options traders. They provide recommendations and education to help you start trading options or improve your skills.

Each month, Motley Fool Options provides two options trade recommendations. These are not just stock picks but specific options contracts to buy or sell. They walk you through how to make each trade, with details on the contract to choose, strike price, expiration date, and whether you should buy a call or put option.

Don't know the difference between a call and a put yet? No problem. Motley Fool Options provides educational resources to help you learn. They have video courses, tutorials, podcasts, and community forums where you can ask questions and get answers from expert traders. Furthermore, you'll learn options basics, advanced strategies, risk management, and more.

Additionally, you get access to an exclusive online community. Connect with other members, share ideas, discuss the latest recommendations, and get guidance from professional traders. The community is a great place to learn from more experienced traders and build your options knowledge.

A Motley Fool Options membership is $999 per year when paid upfront. While not cheap, if you follow even a few of their monthly recommendations, the potential profits could more than cover the cost. Furthermore, with all the educational resources, your options trading skills will improve over time.

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon is a comprehensive options research platform for beginner and advanced options traders. It helps traders identify opportunities and generate trade ideas through stock screeners, trading ideas, and market research tools.

The platform offers stock screeners to filter for options trades based on different criteria. Membership plans start at $39/month for the Stock Trader plan and up to $99/month for the Total Access plan.

Market Chameleon provides:

  • Stock screeners to locate options trades
  • Trading ideas and alerts
  • Market research tools like options chains, volatility charts, and more
  • Customer support to help you get the most out of the platform

With an easy-to-use interface, Market Chameleon gives options traders an all-in-one resource for researching and identifying the best potential trades. The platform aims to provide an exceptional experience for new and seasoned traders.


InsiderFinance is an intuitive trading platform providing real-time data and analytics for day and swing traders or forex traders looking to pair their forex signal providers with one of the best options trading alert services. With their software, you'll get:

  • Real-time options order flow to see unusual activity
  • Dark pool and equity prints for insight into smart money moves
  • A crypto and forex market scanner to find opportunities
  • Technical analysis tools and charting
  • Customizable dashboards to filter for your needs

For a flat monthly fee of $75, you'll get access to InsiderFinance's features and data, allowing you to make the most informed trading decisions. The quarterly and yearly pricing of $195 and $660 can save you some money if you prefer less frequent billing.

InsiderFinance is an excellent resource for active traders wanting an edge in the markets. By providing key details on options flow, dark pools, and more, this platform gives you the information needed to capitalize on short-term price movements.

The intuitive interface also makes their data easy to navigate and understand. If you're looking to step up your trading game, InsiderFinance is worth strong consideration.

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader is an options trading alert service that provides real-time trade alerts and analysis. With insight into unusual options activity, smart-money moves, and dark pool prints, traders will have an edge when looking to capitalize on short-term stock and index movements.

Mindful Trader utilizes diversified, long-term, backtested strategies with raw edge, Monte Carlo testing, correlation tests, out-of-sample tests, and standard deviation tests, accounting for commissions and slippage. Stock picks are the main feature of the service. You can expect to receive an average of 6-8 weekly picks, but that can vary. Some weeks may not have any picks; in others, you see double-digit numbers of picks.

The cost of Mindful Trader is $47/month. That is more expensive than buy-and-hold services like The Motley Fool but less costly than day trading services like Investors Underground. Mindful Trader is worth considering for active options traders looking for an edge to improve their win rate and avoid costly mistakes.

Are Options Trading Alert Services Worth Investing In?

Options trading alert services monitor the market and send alerts on trades they think could be profitable. But are they worth the money?

These services do the research for you. They constantly analyze the market to spot opportunities and trends, so you don't have to. The alerts also give you trade ideas and strategies to consider. Some services have strong track records of success and loyal followings. Therefore, if you follow their alerts, you could profit without spending hours analyzing the market yourself.

No alert service is 100% accurate. Some trades will lose money, and there's always a risk the overall strategy won't work out. Thus, the fees for these services can also increase over time and cut your profits. Therefore, learning how to analyze the market yourself may be better than relying on an alert service.

Ultimately, options trading alert services can be useful for beginners or those without the time to research the market closely. But choose a reputable service, start with a free trial if available, and always do your due diligence before placing any trades.

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