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Infographics used on your website, in blog posts, and on social media can help a business visually communicate information in a creative and succinct way.  It’s been shown that people retain information better from visuals than they do from simply reading text. In the past, creating stunning infographics required you to have a budget to hire a designer to do it or have significant Adobe Suite skills. A professional designer can still be useful if your infographic project is complicated, however you can create stunning infographics yourself using online tools.

Here are the top 5 infographic tools recommended for your business use.


Visme comes packed with free templates, icons, and shapes. It is a versatile tool that allows designers to create engaging visuals such as animation, banners, and presentations. The interface is user friendly with different levels depending on your experience. You'll find great diversity in the graphics available. They are even arranged in different data visualization elements like maps, charts, photos, and more.
The basic plan comes with a storage of 100MB and allows you to create three design projects per month. The standard premium plan lets you create up to 15 projects per month and increases your storage to 250MB.


Venngage infographic maker is among the most user-friendly infographic design tools you can use. You either start with a blank design or customize one based on the available design templates. There are plenty of formatting features with different icons, colors, fonts, and photo library choices.
The premium version provides you with the ability to upload your own images and the ability to download your design, rather than hosting it online.


Like a website builder, the Canva Infographic Creator contains different template categories such as education, business, charity, and more. This tool is free to use, although there are premium elements that feature a watermark. If you want to create a design featuring these elements without any watermarks, you'll need to buy a one-off license valid for 24 hours.
Canva also features a premium version, known as Canva for Work that comes with a thirty-day free trial. With the premium version, you'll have access to over three hundred thousand photos with the option of sharing and resizing. By using Canva you can have professional infographics created in no time at all.


Piktochart comes with a clean interface, which makes it easy to design an infographic. Some of Piktocharts features include; design-driven elements, interactive maps, resizable canvases, and more. The majority of the designs available in this tool are business-oriented. The four key starting points are; presentation for slide decks, poster, report, and infographic (skinny&tall).

You can choose to create your design from scratch or begin your project by selecting a template. Before you start designing, Piktochart will request your occupation field. This then allows the platform to begin suggesting relevant templates and elements. The infographic tool also sends you to the editor where you have access to a library of stickers, text boxes, and backgrounds. Piktochart offers a targeted approach, eliminating elements irrelevant to your project.


Infogram offers an intuitive and attractive interface that incorporates contemporary modern graphics. The free plan gives you access to a library of graphics including shapes, photos, and icons. They offer plenty of visualization options, including over 13 map types and 37 interactive charts types.
You are able to create over ten projects a month, import your own data, and share your design online. Another advantage of Infogram is that you can use it with cloud-based software, allowing you to share your creation with team members. Additionally, you can even export and import datasets.
Stand out with stunning infographics!

If you are looking to capture the attention of your audience, words are never enough. There is a need to use engaging visuals for your social media content and blog posts. The advantage of having these visuals is that they're easier to consume and can significantly improve brand awareness. Even if you have no experience, the tools highlighted above can help you easily create stunning infographics.

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