9 Best Pull-up Bars To Boost Your Upper Body Strength

Best Pull-up Bars To Boost Your Upper Body Strength

Pull-up bars are affordable ways of increasing your upper body strength without having to head to the gym. Because of this, they are ideal for people who want to work out in peace and a part of a program for those who want to bulk up fast

There are a range of options for pull-up bars that require different levels of installation, the ways they can be used, and how much space they will take up. This is a look into the best pull-up bar options that will boost your upper body strength over time. 

Gym Ladder

Firstly, gym ladders are an ideal way that you can gradually increase your strength by working your way up. Using the body’s natural weight, you can do a range of exercises with a gym ladder as well as pull-ups. 

There are multiple kinds of gym ladders that have adjustable rungs with the option of adding an attachable pull-up bar. Some gym ladders need to be attached to the wall, so it is worth checking the different options available before purchasing. 

Doorway Pull-up Bar

Alternatively, doorway pull-up bars do not require much installation. They can be placed in any doorway that has the correct measurements, which makes an ideal option for renters and people who like to alternate their workouts more frequently. 

Ceiling Mounted

Another option for a good quality pull-up bar is to purchase a ceiling-mounted one. These need a little more installation, but they are great if you want to work on your core and other muscles in your body. 

This is because you can hang from your legs to do push-ups, crunches, and more once the pull-up bar has been fitted correctly. Of course, this can also be used to do regular pull-ups too. 

Tension Pole

Additionally, tension poles can be an ideal way of getting your workouts in if you have less DIY experience. These need to be adjusted to the width of any door frame in your home, and will hang freely at any height. 

Tension poles are ideal for pull-ups if you find it hard to reach regular pull-up bars, or also if you want more options on where you can hang it. 

Work Out Frame

For those that have a little more space in their home to set up a gym, a work-out frame can be ideal. These provide a range of options for you to practice your pull-ups on and work on your strength in general. 

Consider a work-out frame if you want to improve your form and the strength of other key muscles that can support you. 

Pull-Up Handles

Another option that can allow you to gradually increase strength that is needed for effective pull-ups are pull-up handles. The adjustable settings can be ideal for building up the necessary muscles for pull-ups. 

Pull-up handles have also been beneficial for rock climbers, as it allows them to increase their wrist movement safely. Consider these if you struggle with regular pull-ups, as you can easily work your way up. 

Outdoor Power Cage

If you prefer working out in the yard when the weather is great, then it could be worth looking into an outdoor power cage. These come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Because of this, it is easy to get a full-body workout in using a power cage. 

Power Tower

Another option that is similar to work-out frames and outdoor power cages are power towers. These frames are a little more compact than other work-out mechanisms, as they are focused on improving your pull-ups. 

Power towers are freestanding and will allow you to gradually increase your upper body strength over time. 

Pull-up Bars

Wall-mounted pull-up bars are similar to those attached to the ceiling, but they have more options for you to fix a bar to the wall that is the right height for you. These will need a little more installation, and it is important to check out how structurally sound the walls in your home are before drilling into them. 

There are a lot of bars out there that can be fixed to your wall, - check peckmeout for more information on some of the options available to you.


There are many ways that you can introduce more pull-ups into your regular workouts, and it is worth finding the right framework or pull-up bar that works for you. 

Each has slightly different installation requirements, benefits, and drawbacks to be aware of. Make sure you are checking out the link above for more detail about the best pull-up bars for you.

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