Benefits of VPN for marketing managers

VPN for Marketing

Security matters in the marketing world. We need to guard our networks and remote devices against malware infections or DDoS attacks. We need to keep our precious data safe and sound so that we can use it to gain an advantage over our rivals. And it's also essential to guard our communications against eavesdroppers.

If you're worried about any of these issues (and a few more besides) a Virtual Private Network can help. In our opinion, VPN's like NordVPN, ExpressVPN or SurfShark, are a must-have app for any marketing managers, and they are becoming ever more important. Here's why.

Keep Your Marketing Data Safe from Prying Eyes

When we collect data about consumer behavior or the activities of our major competitors, it needs to be protected. Knowledge is our primary asset, and any data leaks can instantly level the playing field, rendering weeks of patient work completely worthless.

With a VPN installed, you can be much more relaxed about the risk of data leaks or theft. VPNs add an extra layer of encryption over data that passes to and from your networks, as well as any remote devices used to gather or transmit information. That way, malicious actors will find it very tough to divert your data and use it for their own ends.

VPNs are Becoming an SEO Essential

Data security isn't the only factor behind the rise of VPN's as a marketing tool. Changes to the way Google runs its all-important search engine are just as important.

The reasons will be obvious to anyone who has used Google across borders. When people search on the Google platform, the results they receive are tailored to their geographical location. However, as marketers, we need to know what results people are seeing in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis - all across the USA (and the wider world).

A good VPN can resolve these issues. They do so by assigning users a completely new IP address - the main tool used by Google to identify a user's location. So marketers can easily pose as searchers from any part of the USA, Europe, or Asia.

With that ability, you will be in a better position to carry out location-specific SEO research and build marketing profiles based around hyper-local considerations. You'll also be able to see how your pages are ranking from different perspectives, making it easier to fine-tune the content you publish.

Surf Anonymously, All the Time

IP address modification has another very useful consequence. If your original IP address has been concealed, it becomes almost impossible for outsiders to track your online behavior via cookies, pixels, or Trojans. As far as external observers are concerned, VPN users are virtually anonymous.

The word "virtually" is important here, as not all VPN's provide the same degree of anonymity. Surfshark is one that does. To get a good understanding of why that's the case, read this insightful review. It explains exactly how Surfshark assists marketing managers, giving them a level of freedom to explore the web that simply isn't possible otherwise.

When you surf anonymously, other marketing companies will find it harder to understand your strategies. And, as we've hinted at already, you'll generally be more secure from cyber-attacks. There is an interesting article about Anonymous Internet Browsing: A reality or Myth? on VPNwelt website.

So why surf naked, when VPNs can provide protection?

Work Around Geo-Blockers with Ease

As a marketing manager, there's a good chance you'll run various websites and sales channels, and these will reach across borders. To make these sites as effective as possible, it helps to research how other companies have approached the same challenge. But there's a catch: many companies segment their online presence, limiting access for different nationalities.

This applies to tire manufacturers, fashion labels, and streaming giants like Netflix. And many people aren't even aware that it's happening. Normally, that's not a big deal, but for marketers, not knowing about the competition is potentially fatal.

With a VPN onboard, you'll find it easy to access every site operated by corporations around the world. Previously blocked sites will become unlocked, providing a way to compare different national styles, and some handy pointers about how you should respond.

Minimize any Local Network Disruptions

By using a VPN for your marketing department you have an advantage of a hassle-free networking experience. For one thing, when you install a router-based VPN across the whole network, you can put in place an extra layer of protection. This should help to repel DDoS attacks, which can take systems offline for days, as well as everyday cyber-nasties like malware.

Secondly, VPN's can help to avoid any issues with ISP throttling. Marketing can be very data-intensive, involving high traffic flows for long periods. If these flows are interrupted, or data speeds are deliberately reduced by your ISP, this can ruin data collection processes.

VPN's make it tough for ISP's to track your data usage, vastly reducing the risks attached to throttling. And certain sophisticated VPN's can also help out with load balancing, making more efficient use of network resources. Both are big wins when trying to set up profitable data collection or analysis systems.

Add a High-Quality VPN to Your Marketing Operations

Hopefully, it's now clear that VPN's have a big role to play in contemporary marketing departments. Whether you're a freelancer or managing a corporate department, adding a VPN makes sense - opening up blocked content, preventing surveillance and malware attacks, and making SEO research so much easier.

In a world of cyber-threats and ruthless competition, a dependable VPN isn't an optional extra: it's just part of a well-configured marketing operation. So choose a provider that you can trust. Using a VPN for marketing could be the best decision you make all year.

Read more about using a VPN on our blog.

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