Backlinks, Internal Links And External Links: What Are They In SEO?

Backlinks, Internal Links And External Links: What Are They In SEO?

Every SEO strategy should include ways of using different types of links to improve rankings. Many people trip over the differences between backlinks, internal links, and external links and how they are used to improve SEO. This article covers these three types of links and why they are important for your SEO strategy.


A backlink is the most valuable type of link there is in SEO. It is a link that points from a third-party website to your website. You also provide backlinks to other websites when you use external links on your website.

The Importance of Backlinks in SEO

The reason backlinks are so valuable is that they allow other websites to pass their authority to you. They signal to search engines, including Google, that your content is relevant, of high quality, credible, and authoritative enough for other websites and authors to want to be associated with it.

Choosing the right backlinks is crucial for ranking, but doing so is tedious and time-consuming. Instead of doing it yourself, you can hire an agency that provides link building services UK to do it right by finding credible, highly-relevant, and authoritative websites to link to yours.

Internal and External Links

Many people have heard about the benefits of internal links but do not know why they would use external links. So, what are they?

Internal links are hyperlinks pointing to pages and posts within the same website. For example, you may have a hyperlink pointing to a post explaining a specific point or concept in more depth.

External links, on the other hand, are hyperlinks pointing to pages on a different website. It might seem counterintuitive to send visitors to a different website you do not control, but linking to trustworthy sites can boost your SEO.

The Importance of Internal and External Links in SEO

Internal links are crucial for navigation and discoverability. They do this by connecting different posts and parts of a website, allowing visitors to flow seamlessly from one to the other. By doing so, they increase user engagement and retention, both crucial ranking factors.

They also improve crawl efficiency by helping bots and crawlers navigate your website to find new or recently linked content. This makes it more likely that search engines will add the discovered pages to their index databases and rank them on result pages.

External links, on the other hand, are crucial for enhancing credibility. Adding links to high-quality, credible, and authoritative websites will help your website while adding spammy or irrelevant ones will hurt it.

They can also enhance web authority by providing visitors with references and additional information sources. The best and most valuable external links point to pages or websites that are highly ranked and relevant to the link's location content.

Backlinks, internal links, and external links are fundamentals of SEO that every website owner and marketer should understand. They help with content discoverability and site navigation, improve authority and credibility, and can drive traffic to your website. You should do link building right to ensure it is effective in your SEO strategy. Alternatively, hire an agency with experienced professionals to do it right for you.

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