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From the beginning there is a habitual and popular practice on the internet, it is to link a web page with others, or what we have known as link building SEO strategies. 

This is not only a way to provide extra value and boost traffic, but also to improve web positioning by linking to content from other sites.

Far from disappearing, quality SEO link building is increasingly important for Google. So it is necessary to follow a series of guidelines to optimize our web link strategy, we must first place it within the organic positioning clarifying several basic concepts:

SEO types

SEO On Page: These are all those actions that we carry out within our own website to optimize factors such as architecture, code or content for search engines. “What are you like”

SEO Off Page: These are all external factors, that is, outside our own website, which affect positioning and, therefore, we must control and optimize. “ How others say you are”

What is link building?

The most relevant factor of SEO Off page is Link Building: Obtaining external links from relevant pages with the intention of increasing the authority of your web page. “Link Building”

Link Building is a concept similar to popularity. Search engines, like Google, take into account how relevant you are to the rest of the website on the network and this is measured taking into account not only the number of links that point to your websites but also where they came from, since the authority is transmits. 

Link building is a very important task to master, but it can also be quite challenging. While you may have an in-house team dedicated to it, when you aren’t sure, it’s best to trust experts such as the team from SEO Perth. That way, you know for certain that you’re not wasting any of your resources, especially when you aren’t sure if the SEO link building strategies you apply are indeed effective.

What is the authority? 

The Authority is the value from 1 to 100 with which the prestige and credibility of a site is measured. There are two types:

Page Authority: The authority index of each of the web pages. Usually, the page with more authority of all the websites is the Home, since it is where more links are usually directed. 

Domain Authority: The average authority index for the entire domain, taking into account the set of links that reach all of its pages and their quality. 

When we talk about links we must also keep in mind that there are two ways to quantify them. 

How to quantify links

Incoming domains: We count the number of domains in which there is a link pointing to us. That is, a domain may have a link to our website on each of its pages, but we only have an incoming domain because they come from it.

Inbound links: We count each of the links that point to us, regardless of the diversity of domains.

In order to improve our authority, the number of incoming domains is more important than total links, since receiving a thousand links from the same website does not make sure us relevant or popular. Instead, receiving a link from a thousand domains does imply that we are relevant to many people. 

Also, not all domains are equally important. Specifically, there are two types of domains much more valued by the search engines than the rest: 

Most important domains

.Gov domains: Given that only governments can have this domain and are official institutions, a link from this domain provides much authority. 

.Edu domains: Only the higher education institutions recognized and accredited by the official Departments of Education. In addition, they are sources of knowledge.

How to control our blanklink profile?

As we have already seen, Link Building is one of the most relevant factors when it comes to improving our organic search engine positioning. For this reason, we must maintain a routine control over the link profile of our website in order to:

Reduce poor quality link:  Just as links can improve our authority, if we receive links from negative domains, either because they carry out practices that Google considers harmful it can make us lose positions and in some cases be penalized. 

Increase the links of good quality: In order to accelerate our positioning, we must propose strategies that help us achieve positive links, in addition to those we already get naturally, that increase the authority of our website. 

How to coordinate link building seo strategies 

A link building strategy should not be carried out solely by a specialized professional, but all internal departments must collaborate by providing information on any activity they are carrying out and that could facilitate or impact on obtaining links. A couple of examples:

The commercial department closes agreements with suppliers and wholesale clients that have a website. Include in the contract or request a link.

The communication department will get in touch with an online media to spread a piece of news, you must demand that a link appears in the article.

Examples of link building SEO strategies: 

  1. Viral actions or campaigns

This strategy consists in carrying out actions that can have a great impact and that generate “noise” by having newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc., talk about us and include a link in their articles to us. A good way to receive these links is to create a Landing Page that supports that action or campaign by providing useful or complementary information.

Many times, these types of actions do not have to be designed for concrete link building, but advertising, branding, sponsorship, etc. are carried out, which will have an impact on the internet and we must anticipate to get the most Number of links possible. 

  1. Press releases

This point continues in the line of action of the previous one. It is about not missing any occasion to get a link, taking advantage of any event or news about the company and its activity that may have an impact to generate a press release and send it to the media or to a platform for dissemination. The press release will obviously contain one or more links.

  1. LinkBaiting

The  LinkBaiting, as the name implies, is to put a bait to get links . That is to create content that is easily linked from third-party websites and invite to be shared, either because it is very valuable and provides very useful information or simply because it is funny or curious.

This strategy is carried out from the Web Blog, usually, and must be executed from the content plan using tools such as:

  • Guides 
  • Manuals
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks

This way of getting links requires creativity and good dissemination of content. It is difficult to obtain results, but when it is done, it can provide a large volume of links consuming few resources.

  1. Own links

On many occasions, the same company has several websites either because it has different brands, a corporate website or because throughout its activity websites have been created to carry out various actions. 

Linking all these websites to each other can give good results, although it will never be as effective as an external link, since all projects are probably on the same server. In addition, we must bear in mind that the link must be by brand name and not link from all pages of the different domains.

  1. Sponsored Links

Finally, there is always the alternative of acquiring paid links on websites related to our sector, blogs, magazines, etc, to talk about us or our products and put us a link or mention us in a publication related to the activity  of the brand.

In exchange for the product. The link is acquired in exchange for the product that the brand may offer as compensation or directly to generate the item.

Purchase by value: The link is valued economically, taking into account the article to be written and the quality of the website.

In many cases it is more feasible to acquire the link directly for its economic value since the cost of the actions or campaigns to achieve them naturally involves a higher cost than the value of the link itself.

However, it is recommended that an experienced person be aware of the links and check them one by one to verify the quality price levels. 

  1. PPC Marketing

Some experts also recommend the use of PPC ads as one of your SEO link building strategies. This is a great option because it increases traffic in a direct manner and can even be more effective than other methods. 

In PPC marketing, you place ads on search engines to pay website owners or publishers to post your ads on their websites. You then have to pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad. The more people who click on your ad, the more you pay.

Learn To Apply A Mix Of The Various SEO Techniques

You can use SEO link building techniques to attract as many visitors to your website as possible. These include adding relevant articles to directories, blog commenting, submitting articles to directories, participating in social networking sites, and using social bookmarking sites. The more people you can attract to visit your website, the more likely it is that your website will be featured on the first page of a search engine result. This means more targeted traffic and better search engine ranking.

When you learn to apply a mix of the various SEO techniques, you’re essentially making yourself more effective since you're not limiting yourself only to one strategy, which can greatly cut down the profit-earning potential of your techniques.

Social networks also count

Social networks are a relevant factor in support of link building seo strategies that are carried out in the company.

Taking into account that social valuations, especially Google+, are another of the Off Page factors that are taken into account in the organic positioning, making correct use of our fan base to disseminate the content or get social valuations is essential.

For example:

All the actions, campaigns and events of which we have spoken previously generate an interest, not only for the media and the websites of third parties, but for the users themselves. For this reason, in the same way that we generated a Landing Page or relevant content to get links, why not share it with our followers so that they value it and spread it on their networks?

Just as we join efforts among our departments to achieve better results, we must also do so with our fan base to further increase the scope of our actions and take more advantage of the resources invested.

Final Word

Since some are more effective than others, SEO link building strategies are not all alike. Also, remember that the main objective when creating content or website pages is to satisfy your target users' needs, not just to get backlinks for no reason at all. No matter how many effective SEO link building techniques you apply, if readers don’t find your content helpful, then no amount of SEO techniques will help you rank at the top of Google. This is why it’s important to implement good SEO link building strategies. The tips above can help you have a good start.

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