An Overview of Web Remarketing

Remarketing (or Retargeting) to those that have visited your websiteremarketing

Generating sales and leads for your business on the web is powerful.  The web allows anyone, anywhere to potentially discover and buy from your firm.

In a perfect world, a would-be customer would find your product online, come to your website and make a purchase.  However,  that is not always the case.  Visitors can be at various stages of the buying process, anywhere from  early research to purchasing shortly.

This means that a percentage of visitors are coming to your website to explore what you have to offer, but are not yet making a decision.  Due to this, it can be of value to find ways to continue to reach out to them over time after this visit as a way to keep your company and product in front of them and "top of mind."  One method to do this is to use a newer marketing method called Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting).  This method of marketing is a way to automate further connections with recent visitors who have been on your site by showing ads to them about your company while they surf elsewhere on the web.

Remarketing Defined:

Remarketing is a form of online advertising that lets you reach people again who have previously visited your site.  Remarketing can help keep your company in front of past visitors.

When people leave your site without buying anything, remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers via relevant ads while they browse other websites.

In a nutshell, after they visit your site and then move on, when they go to a site that displays ads, your ad can be shown to them on that site.

This method of tracking visitors and then showing ads to them enables a company to continue to nurture a past visitor towards a sale.  Remarketing can be used to match the right message to the right people based on their past visit to your website.

How it Works: 

Companies add a piece of code (remarketing tag) to the pages of their website. Then, when visitors come to the site, they will be added to the remarketing lists the company has setup with services like Google, Facebook, or Bing (Microsoft Ad Network).  When remarketing ads are setup with these services, the ads are then ready to display.  When a visitor comes to another website that has ads on it, the ad system via the tracking code can recognize they were on your website previously and then can deliver your company ad to them on that web page.   This keeps your company in front of that visitor.  The ads, if clicked, then link back to your website.

The Value:

The value of Remarketing ad services is that the visitor has come to your website, which shows some type of interest.

This means at a minimum that they were checking out what your company is about and what products or services your company offers.  Targeting your marketing towards them is a smart value since they had prior interest or exposure.   Since it can take on average 6-8 interactions with a company before  a purchase is made, the impact of remarketing is to offer those extra interactions to hopefully increase the odds of them making a purchase.

Remarketing, another newer technology tool with potential to increase company sales.  The automated ads that follow up on a web visitors prior stop at your site make it a useful , drip marketing resource.

Resource Links:

Google Remarketing

Bing Remessaging (Microsoft Ad Network)

Facebook Exchange - Facebook Exchange (FBx), allows you to run real-time bidding and remarketing Facebook ads through one of their partner companies (AdRoll, AppNexus, or Brandscreen are examples)

Remarketing Definition and Facebook Example


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