The Advantages and Disadvantages of Office 365 Email Archiving

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Office 365 Email Archiving

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Office 365 Email Archiving

Microsoft Office 365 allows companies to affordably utilize the best technologies while improving their productivity levels. It isn’t hard to see why it has easily become the most popular cloud computing service, despite only launching just four years ago.

However, there are some environment restraints that are preventing businesses from migrating to the cloud. If customer security is a primary concern for your organization, it is essential you have heightened security and email archiving measures in place.

We are therefore reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of Office 365’s email archiving, so your company can decide if the cloud solution is the right choice for your business.

Advantages of Office 365

Office 365 email archiving offers a variety of impressive features that make the solution the perfect choice for different size companies. For example, you can benefit from an in-place email archive, in-place hold and litigation hold, an integrated management interface, unlimited storage, as well as deleted item recovery and deleted mailbox recovery.

You can even set retention policies, and users can access archive email from within their inbox, from Outlook and the Outlook Web App. There will also be encryption between clients and Exchange Online Archiving, as well as between on-premises servers and Exchange Online Archiving.

Disadvantages of Office 365

Unfortunately, Office 365’s archiving and eDiscovery tools are quite limited. Any regulated company must verify if there are email retention or archiving restrictions in a plan. For example, Office 365 might feature an eDiscovery tool, but it might not be an aspect of your chosen package, or you may have difficulty deploying the feature.

Your company may also be limited to the number of emails you can send or receive in one day, which could slow down your operations. This feature will vary with your chosen Microsoft Office 365 package.

Compliance is bound to be or should be, a big concern for your company, which is why you should seriously consider third-party email archiving solutions that can work in harmony with your Office 365 environment.

The Packages

What Microsoft Office 365 lacks in email archiving, Bytes can make up for with their CloudFlex Email Archive Office 365 solution. This third-party tool allows companies to easily find any sent or received email within seconds, which can minimize the required compliance response time while improving productivity.

It also allows businesses to centralize and simplify email control, security and governance of data retention policies. Also, not only can it prevent a company from purchasing expensive software and hardware, but it can maximize email security by providing three encrypted copies of every email that will be stored in separate locations.


There is no denying that Office 365’s biggest flaw is its email archiving solution; however, when teamed up with the CloudFlex third-party solution, the cloud can easily become your company’s biggest strength.

So, if you are dubious about deploying Microsoft Office 365, or are looking for ways to tighten your email security, you should strongly consider third-party Office 365 tools to heighten your security and boost your performance.

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