5 Reasons To Use Microsoft Office For Your Mac

5 Reasons To Use Microsoft Office For Your Mac

Microsoft Office is a suite of software products containing some of the most used and useful desktop applications available. Its products include applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, OneNote, Lync and Outlook; products which are used daily by millions of businesses and personal users.

Microsoft Office is a powerful suite of products, that have proven to be effective for decades now and which, by any measure, outperform all alternatives on the market, except for those used for multi-user simultaneous editing where Google docs is currently the top performer.

Microsoft has two ways to deliver Office to its customers with a boxed version of the software and an online version of the software, known as Office 365. Both versions are subscription-based and require a user license agreement to operate the program. 

Microsoft Office is not just available for Windows-based PCs. Microsoft Office for Mac has been available for a number of years and is known to outperform the current Office-style suite available on Mac with far more functionality and personalizations available. Here's why:

1. Easy To Administer

Office and Office 365 use a web-based admin console which is easy to use. It also includes a service health dashboard and template-driven, drop-down tools to create a customer-focused experience, tailored to your needs. There are also extensive learning modules with step-by-step deployment guidance.

2. One Place For All Your File Storage

5 Reasons To Use Microsoft Office For Your Mac

With Microsoft Office on your Mac, there is the option of saving files to cloud storage to enable you to access them anytime, anywhere. Which is even more invaluable now that OneDrive for Business and Microsoft have just announced an increase in storage from 250GB to 1TB per user. All Office 365 ProPlus customers get 1TB per user of storage with OneDrive for Business as a part of their Office 365 ProPlus subscription. One Drive for Business can also be purchased as a standalone service for a nominal fee.

3. Latest Feature Sets

Microsoft releases new product feature sets as they become available with Office 365, so you can use the latest functionality of the Office suite. Previously, releases came in waves with multiple changes to functionality. But now, the updates are released more frequently allowing users to have updates in functionality and new features on a regular basis.

These new updates, coupled with downloadable add-on applications from the Microsoft Office store, make for a powerful and personalizable product.

4. One User License Over Five Devices

One single Office subscription allows for the installation of Office on five compatible devices (PC or Mac) and five mobile devices. This allows you the freedom of not having to keep track of multiple product keys across multiple devices. No internet connection is necessary while using Office, but logging into the Microsoft Licensing Service via the internet every 30 days keeps the subscription current, allowing the data to sync continuously with the service. This is therefore considered best practice. 

5. Support Is Included

Technical support is available 24/7 with Microsoft's products, allowing you to submit a service request by phone or online via the Admin Console. You can also keep up-to-date with any planned maintenance events in advance through the notification service.

Microsoft Office is a powerful tool for business and personal use and has proven to be the frontrunner in its field. With the exceptional assistance and the unbeatable online capabilities of Microsoft Office, it makes total sense to run Office on a Mac.


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