A Beginner’s Guide: What is Token Burning?

A Beginner’s Guide: What is Token Burning?

Token burning is an important process when it comes to understanding the value of crypto tokens. However, the process has different implications depending on whether its supply is finite or infinite. For example, burning Bitcoin with only 21 million tokens would have a larger impact in terms of valuation than burning Ethereum’s unlimited supplies of ETH tokens. If you are planning to invest in Bitcoin, here are the best ways to buy Bitcoin. In this article, let's look closer at what token burning is and how it can affect token valuations, both positively and negatively.

About Token Burning 

Token burning is a commonly used technique in the crypto world to increase the asset's price. It works on an economic concept called "the law of supply and demand." This states that when there is low supply in comparison with consistently high demand, prices go up. Token burning involves sending cryptocurrency tokens to wallets without private keys. This means they cannot be accessed later. Thus, reducing total circulating coins, and keeping market demands steady. As a result, token prices rise accordingly.

By collectively burning tokens, the holders of a community can create an appreciable impact on their market value. Token burning works by having each holder burn a relatively small amount of coins. But, when you add them up altogether it ends up making quite a price difference.

How Does a Token Burn Work

Keep in mind that Tokens will be gone for good after they're destroyed. When an individual wishes to burn the crypto, they need to confirm that they are not going to a wallet with individual keys. They must also check the total amount being used. Having said that, let us check out token burning and the way it works.

The major component the burning procedure is the PoB (Proof of Burn) consensus mechanism. It examines every burn transaction and also validates it. These transactions receive a confirmation by utilizing the blockchain explorer. It utilizes, similar to other consensus methods, to make certain that there are no duplex spending or phony transactions. Additionally, it enables miners to mine brand new coins, because many miners need to initially burn up coins to mine them.

What is the process of token burn?

Burning tokens is usually accomplished in two different methods. Several ecosystems, like Binance coin, possess a burning feature that is offered to people. To burn Binance Coins, individuals may make use of this characteristic. Sensible contracts look to find out if the customer has the assets to burn. They are then taken out of the obtainable tokens and dismantled forever.

The next, and most utilized, method would be to just send tokens with no individual keys to a card reader. This restricts the distribution of burnt-out tokens. Even though the tokens in this instance aren't "destroyed" they can not be taken back also.

What are some of the popular examples this process?


Its native cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), has become widely known since its widespread adoption. With Ethereum, anyone can use the network to create secure digital technologies, as well as store payments using ETH tokens which can be used to pay for work done on the blockchain or even tangible goods and services if accepted by vendors. This is a part of the EIP 1559 process that brought the Ethereum system one step closer to Ethereum Merge.

Shiba Inu

This cryptocurrency has been widely perceived as an alternative to Dogecoin, with many proponents praising it as "the Dogecoin killer". Although these coins may be considered meme coins because they feature themes like dogs in both cases - the reality is that most times such currencies are launched more as a joke or parody rather than utilizing its true digital utility. Before this, 50% of SHIB coins were sent by the community to Vitalik Buterin who then burnt close to 90%, leading to a significant decrease in supply.


On October 13th, 2022, Binance completed its 21st token burn, burning 2,065,152.42 BNB tokens worth $574,800 583.92 at the time of the event. This process is automated every quarter to decrease coin circulation and reduce supply – ultimately increasing value for investors in this digital asset.

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