7 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Content Marketing

Valuable, compelling content helps your business become more visible in search engines and gives a sense of trust to your readers about you being a niche leading authority. Content marketing can be complicated and overwhelming, but AI eases it all. Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves machines capable of mimicking cognitive functions similar to the human brain, notably problem solving and learning. It helps you with keyword discovery, blog topic planning, social media post scheduling, testing landing pages, reviewing analytics, and automating content. This allows you and your marketing to focus on more valuable business activities, improving business performance. Below are ways Artificial Intelligence is transforming content marketing.

1. Content automation

Not only does AI help you market great content; it creates it too. AI content generation software generates unique, high-quality content that can help attract more website traffic and leads. With A.I. Content Generators that rely on machine learning, you can automatically generate content for different purposes, including blog posts, articles, video and product descriptions, ad subheadings, and titles, and any other type of written content. The ideal content generation tool should have various language capabilities, primarily the most common ones.

While AI content generators can automate web content creation, marketing teams must still double-check the final output to ensure humans can fully grasp the information. AI content generators aren’t perfect. They still need further enhancements and human intervention to avoid compromising quality. But of course, they’re a winner in making content marketers’ lives a lot easier.

2. Enables content personalization

Personalized content caters to specific individual preferences. Customer likes and preferences are tracked to generate content that suits personal tastes. However, marketers find it challenging to create content that resonates with each reader's particular needs. For your marketing team to develop customized content, they should have access to customer data to analyze it then take out valuable insights to help with content creation. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence tools and machine learning, relevant customer data can easily be collected. For example, for customized content in your Ecommerce store, you may be utilizing many images that are of interest to your consumers. You can use product matching as an intelligent tool to compare the similarities of your image's design size, photo quality, angle, or background to competitors or retailers. Instead of scouring the internet for hours looking at photos of products, you can focus your time more productively.

3. Access to AI marketing assistants

Artificial intelligence marketing assistants are a valuable addition to any marketing team. They help you find the regions to target, the content to add, and your target audience's particular personality traits. These AI marketing assistants check up on your business rivals to help you generate content that gives you a competitive edge. Artificial intelligence's predictive abilities strengthen the marketing assistants by allowing them to scrutinize various hypothetical plans to choose the ideal one.

If you want to level up your AI, using an agile marketing intelligence platform is advisable. The marketing dashboard of this next-generation tool helps optimize your ads and generate real-time reports. That way, your marketing assistants and other team members can access all data on a centralized platform.

4. Building authority and driving engagement

Authority and engagement go together. Content marketing teams must ensure their content is credible to build trust and thought leadership, which are the key ingredients for establishing authority. When your audience finds your content informative, engaging, and helpful, you’ll entice them to stay on your website and become paying customers. So, how can you achieve these goals through AI?

By creating and distributing content to a different audience in blog posts, eBooks, or case studies, you can build authority, drive engagement, and lead customers through the purchase process. AI advancements like natural language processing have led to various AI-powered content tools, offering content marketers new ways to speed up and optimize written content. These AI tools help marketing teams make informed decisions about what to write, who the content should target, and how to reach their readers.

5. Improved customer experience

Most business websites have chat boxes for a customized customer experience. As intelligent assistance and chatbots continue to become a norm, their effect on content marketing has significantly transformed customer experience. As technology continues to evolve, customers expect a customized experience. Through AI's analysis and computing power, content marketers can quickly provide customers with the desired experience.

The future of customer service depends on the rapid development of AI sub-technologies. Tech companies help improve customer experience by developing AI sub-technologies. They integrate customer communication platforms with business data analytics, including content marketing analytics. Most developments are still in their infancy stage and need further testing.

6. Content prediction

To succeed with your content marketing strategy, your content planning must resonate with your audience. However, evaluating the type of content your audience likes can be difficult and time-consuming. With artificial intelligence, you can predict which content your target audience will like and the content forms that are trending. Depending on the algorithms and analytics, content marketers can plan video content, blog posts, or eBooks to generate engaging content that users find valuable and relevant.

7. Saves time with automated content tasks

With the help of AI, your marketing team can automate repetitive, manual content tasks such as post scheduling, data analysis, market trend searches, and more. You can automate many content marketing tasks using AI-powered marketing tools to give your content marketers more time to focus on more valuable content marketing tasks for improved performance.


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how content marketing functions. Smaller, repetitive tasks are being automated, giving marketers more time to add value and enhance the quality of video content, blogs, and any other content. AI provides insightful reports, improves customer interactions, and delivers branding messages. Consider investing in artificial intelligence to transform your content marketing.

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