How AI Might Change Your Business

How AI Might Change Your Business

AI is set to change our lives forever. From driverless cars to helpful smartphone apps, it's already possible to see these changes. However, it’s the business landscape that is going to see one of the most dramatic changes. Here’s how AI might change your business.

Drive innovation and customer engagement

Businesses are looking for ways to make consumers happy. Customers want convenience, and businesses want to be there to offer it. Artificial intelligence offers a new level of customer service, making products more engaging and intuitive than ever before.

Automate your customer service department

You can now use a chatbot to answer simple questions from customers. These chatbots can use natural language processing of the text. While they aren’t yet 100% accurate, customers are already used to getting incomplete answers on Twitter or Facebook Messenger. You can also use AI for intelligent document processing as a way to build efficiencies into your processes.

Expand your marketing activities

Social media has made a huge impact on marketing, but it’s not the only place you can market your business. By leveraging AI and machine learning, businesses can find new ways to get their products in front of potential customers. This could include Facebook Messenger ads, automatic social media posting, or targeted email campaigns. For more information, check out data science solutions from Smartboost.

Change your company culture 

People are a company’s most valuable asset. Employees drive the success of any business – but how do you ensure they stay? AI has the potential to change the way we work, and it can help everyone from sales teams to customer service representatives. It can collect data on performance and conduct automatic reviews for employees. This might completely change the way company culture works.

Create new jobs 

Companies will need to hire experts to help them leverage the power of AI, and that’s good news for job seekers. Experts can help businesses use machine learning tools to find new ways to engage customers and analyze data.

Eliminate language barriers in customer service

A significant proportion of customer service tickets are never closed because the customer is unable to communicate with call center agents. If your company has a global reach and sells products in multiple languages, then this can be incredibly frustrating for customers. AI provides an opportunity to close these ticket deals and provide more consistent customer support.

Accelerate administrative processes 

AI could change the way everyone works, and that includes administrative tasks. It will be able to complete routine tasks and free up time for employees to work on more important projects. This will mean that you can spend less time filing, sorting, and dealing with expense reports – instead, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Fight cyber-attacks and malware 

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, it’s important to find new ways to fight them. New AI solutions can detect threats and act as an early warning system. They can block malicious emails and stop ransomware from encrypting files. In fact, many of the leading security companies are already using these techniques to protect businesses around the world.

Control your financial activities 

Did you know that AI can track and predict your company’s finances? It’s true – in fact, financial experts are already predicting that it is the future of accounting. This will mean a huge change for finance teams, which typically spend their day dealing with numbers.

Improve the customer experience across channels 

AI is making it easier for businesses to communicate with customers, and this will make the customer experience much more engaging. Your company can use AI to automatically respond to social media accounts or make sure that customer service chats are answered within minutes – not hours.

Replace routine work from employees

AI is able to carry out routine tasks that take up a lot of time for employees – including data collection, image recognition, and predictive analysis. This is why AI might change your business and how it runs. Instead of spending their time on paperwork, employees can focus on more important projects that require human intelligence.

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