How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Tourism Industry

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Tourism Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a story of science fiction anymore. Understanding what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is or how it works may seem somewhat complicated. However, put simply, Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to computers, machines, and software that can work without any interference of human intelligence. It has been around for quite some time now, but recently we have witnessed a huge inclination of humankind towards the use of AI.

AI not only reduces the chances of human error but also saves them money and time for the companies as well as of customers. Its unending advantages have also caught the eyes of the travel industry. AI is seen to simplify the core jobs of the Travel Industry, like bookings and arrangements. At the same time, it is helping the travel agencies and hotels to give customers personalised travel experiences. EaseMyTrip is trying to help you understand how AI is helping the travel industry through this article.

Optimal customer service

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have changed the whole scenario of customer service. Communication with your customers is a key to the success of any business, especially in the tourism industry. Living in a busy world, people want their solutions instantly without any errors. AI can make that happening seamlessly and, that too, 24*7. AI has made online customer service easier than ever. Using chatbots, hotels and travel businesses are providing their customers a more enhanced personalized experience. These chatbots can answer the queries of their customers promptly. Companies also use AI to communicate with their customers via social media and instant messaging apps.

Hassle-free identification

Facial identification is not only limited to the smartphone industry anymore. Airports are already using facial recognition to fast forward the identification process for travellers. The hotels are trying to develop their facial recognition systems so that they can upload the personal data of their customers before their arrival. This way, they can make the whole check-in and check-out processes hassle-free for their customers. These systems can also help the owners to give the travellers access to their services like gym and other facilities. Apart from that, facial recognition can identify any troublesome guest to avoid any security-related issues. What makes it more interesting is that companies are trying to develop a way to use facial recognition for authorised payments. Mastercard has already developed such a payment system and, currently, experimenting with it. Such systems will make the whole payment process more hazard-free for travellers.

Data processing and data analysis

AI Growth

AI’s use in the travel industry is not limited to giving the customers satisfying experiences. It has a lot more to do in the tourism business. An AI can gather and analyze customer data quickly to conclude those. Using these conclusions, AI can generate a customer’s profile efficiently. Such customer profiles can help businesses to manage their customer policies and travel packages. From pricing to customer’s needs, it can interpret anything based on the data and keep the agencies on track with the needs of their customers. Travel and hotel agencies can benefit a lot with this better understanding of the nerves of their customers.

Improved booking system

Tourists often find it difficult to track and book travel and accommodation services. They find it difficult to understand and decide when to book for optimal pricing. The travel industry can use dynamic pricing tools to help the customers with staying updated with the latest packages and deals. These dynamic pricing tools can analyse the data and notify the travellers about the optimal travel deals. Not only that, these tools can be used for the benefits of the businesses too by using them to forecast fare prices. AI tools can interpret the data and help the agencies quote prices lower than their competitors to draw more customers.

FareHarbor, under the ownership of, is a popular online booking system catering to tour operators, activity providers, and rental services. The platform, known for its user-friendly features and modern interface, provides a partner network to support business growth. However, many tour companies search for Fareharbor alternatives because they reportedly charge a high booking fee.

When choosing an online booking system, prioritize user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with existing tools. Identify necessary features like scheduling, calendar integration, and secure payment processing. Opt for mobile compatibility, ensuring customers can easily book and pay on smartphones.

Customization options, scalability, and adherence to security standards are essential. Consider the budget, with attention to additional fees. Assess customer support quality through reviews. Choose a scalable system aligned with future growth. Utilize free trials for testing. Confirm compliance with industry regulations.

Face to face communication

AI can be a huge help for the industry with online customer service. However, it can also be used for face-to-face communication too. Face-to-face communication is as important as online customer interactions. AI machines can be used at the information and reception desks to help the customers more easily and quickly. As such, AI is very effective in cutting the queues short and making businesses more productive.

AI systems excel in swiftly retrieving and providing accurate information, operating 24/7 without breaks, and supporting multiple languages to cater to a diverse customer base. Automation of routine tasks, such as check-ins and basic information provision, enables human staff to focus on more complex responsibilities.

AI's ability to offer personalized assistance, recognize customer preferences, and manage queues optimally improves overall customer experience. Facial recognition technology facilitates quick customer identification, reducing the reliance on physical documents.

Additionally, AI's data analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into customer interactions, enabling businesses to refine strategies and allocate resources more efficiently. While there may be initial setup costs, the long-term benefits include cost savings by reducing the need for extensive human staff, particularly during off-peak hours.

Image management

Brand image is something crucial for the growth of any business. Potential customers check for reviews online to find the best services. In such a case, any negative comment or reviews can leave a negative impact on the minds of potential customers. No doubt, this is bad for the health of any brand. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can keep a track of the reviews and comments of their customers to help the brands manage their images in front of their customers.

Error is a common human trait and most people are likely to make mistakes. The usage of AI in the travel industry lessens the chances of human error and, at the same time, delivers better experiences for the customers. AI tools are making travel more convenient for travellers and there is no doubt of this fact. Simultaneously, they are allowing travel businesses to grow and expand beyond expectations. Using smart tools, they enhance the efficiency of their services and become more appealing to their customers.

Moreover, we are going through a time when social distancing is more important than ever and almost essential for our existence. The travel industry will be able to maintain this social distance more effectively by using AI machines in their hotels and agencies. Looking at the growing popularity of AI in the travel industry, we can easily sum up that AI is not only our future but also our present. If you want to make your travel comfortable and convenient, visit us at our EaseMyTrip website. We have a whole wide range of services, from flight booking to hotel booking, to make your travel experience as smooth as possible.

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