7 Tips to Write Engaging Instagram Captions in 2022

Tips to Write Engaging Instagram Captions

Instagram is one of the leading Social Media platforms on the market, and that will not change anytime soon. A forecast from October 2020 estimates that there would be nearly 1.2 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2023, states Statista.

Instagram has 500 million daily active users, so it can be hard to stand out in a crowd that big!

So how do you keep users interested in your content when so much is uploaded daily?  The answer is not only the photo but the caption as well. The aim is to keep people interested in what you upload on a daily basis.

Let’s dive in.

1. The first sentence counts

Instagram only shows the user the first three or four lines of your caption without the engagement to open it, so you need to reel them in quickly.  Make sure it’s compelling or asks a question; that way, the user will interact with your post, leading them to your page directly.

You wouldn’t keep reading a novel that took too long to get interesting, right?

Make the caption subject the first thing users will read when they look at your post, so they know the subject immediately. Anyone interested in the subject is more likely to open the caption and visit your Profile.

Setting a tone with your posts with only a few words is easy, which can drastically change how users see your images. Think of how you want that image to be portrayed, as just a comment can greatly impact that.

2. Write like a human being

Nobody wants to look like a bot when it comes to your Social Media Accounts, and Instagram is no exception. Making your captions relatable and authentic is a great way to attract interest from regular people who are more likely to engage with your account regularly. This way you won’t be forced to use Instagram services like Famoid to artificially boost your engagement.

You may want to be focused directly on the subject, but you also want to be relatable in how you feel and like a friend to the user. Showing emotion in your caption can help with this, making you appear just as human as the viewer. Everyone knows an Influencer that always seems a little too perfect and makes you wonder if it’s a person at all.

3. Have fun with emojis

Bring in some emojis into your caption to emphasize the theme or mood of the post; this will have a faster impact on the user than words will. Just keep to your style when choosing which emoji to use, as they can change the feel of what you are trying to say.

According to Quintly, using emojis in the captions of your posts can increase your interactions by nearly double.

They state that their analysis of posts containing at least one emoji receives 47.7% more interactions on average.4. Grow accustomed to your style

Who are you as a person, or how do you want to be seen? The style and way you write your captions will greatly impact how you are viewed as a creator.

Make the most of your personality and show that through your style; this will give your content a more organic feel. Depending on what your content is regarding, for example, it may be best to set a comedic tone to your Instagram captions or, for a fashion creator, a cool and sophisticated style that would elevate the overall post.

5. Length adjustment

We all can say too much at times. But knowing when to stop talking can help to keep people engaged. While Instagram only has a caption capacity of 2,200 characters, that can be more than enough to make your captions overbearing to read. While it is needed sometimes when you are storytelling or sending a message, these posts can cause people to be put off from reading your content.

Try to focus on the main element of the subject and keep the users interested in what you have to say in a shorter caption. This way, you will have more room to add hashtags to your post and broaden the outreach of views for our content.

6. Ask a question

Asking a question will encourage users to engage with your post and profile. It will give them a reason to comment and start a conversation or even tag a friend, which will have them returning to your post. Of course, the more engagement you have, the more people will see your content.

These questions do not need to be serious, just something fun and relatable to make it easier for your viewers with something to say. Try questions like - Have you eaten here? - What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Suppose it's a question anyone can answer. In that case, they will easily be able to relate and engage with your content and then maybe follow your account for future posts on the matter.

7. Have a strong Hashtag game

Hashtags are the perfect tool to reach your desired audience but can also broaden your outreach to the general user. They can be related to places, brands, styles, and more that will do all of the hard work for you by landing your posts on the thread of other users interested in that subject.

You can also include a Geotag to tell users where you took a certain photo, even if it is on a remote hillside. Geotags will also associate your post with other users who have been to the same place, leading to more engagement through similar creators. ArXe Ventures found their clients more than tripled outreach just by adding hashtags constantly!


There are your 7 tips to boost your Instagram captions quality. Remember, while your captions are an extension of your photo, they can hugely impact the overall feel of the content. Be creative and use the tools available to keep your posts fresh and interesting.

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