7 Powerful Instagram Content Ideas to Boost Your Follower Counts

Instagram Content Ideas to Boost Your Follower Counts

Instagram has gone beyond its initial use as an entertainment platform and is now a powerful marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. Boosting your followers is the best way to bring in customers and make money, but it seems like the ways to do this are always changing. From organic concepts to follower services, there are options for every business. Here's an overview of Twicsy, just one of the many third-party follower services around.

With all of the “must-do” options out there to build your followers, how do you know which ones are on point and which ones are useless?

Here are 7 powerful, tested-and-true content ideas to boost your followers on Instagram today.

7 Ways to Increase Instagram Follower Counts

  1. Hashtags are key. You absolutely, 100% cannot post your image and caption without a hashtag, but the obvious hashtags won’t help you, either. Use interesting, funny, and relevant hashtags to get your posts seen by more followers. When you catch their eye, they are more likely to follow you. You can even use hashtag sites to see which words and phrases are currently trending for your post.


  1. Make your image unique. Sure, you may be using a quote that thousands of other people use, but that doesn’t mean that your post has to be boring. Through a quote creator program, you can take words that are common and used before, and make them appear brand new to bring in followers who are amazed that you are so eloquent and wise!


  1. Check trending topics. It doesn’t matter what your niche is; you can always hop on the bandwagon for whatever is trending that day. Find a topic that is popular and add a post that fits your brand and uses those hashtags to bring in more viewers.


  1. Improve your caption descriptions. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t have a maximum number of characters or words you can use. This allows you to become descriptive with your captions and lets you create a voice along with your brand.


  1. Follow other influencers. Sure, you want to be unique, but why reinvent the wheel? If someone in your industry is wildly successful, follow them and see what they are doing that works. You should never copy that idea exactly, but take the gist of it and make it your own or listen to their words of wisdom.


  1. Control your tags. Don’t let just anyone tag you in their photos and captions. You don’t want to be associated with the wrong kind of content if you are looking to create a professional image or specific tone.


  1. Add a call to action. This is where many people lose out on a perfectly good follower. You have an eye-catching image, interesting content, and hashtags that bring in people from all over, but you forgot to put a call to action to share your post, follow you on your social media, or otherwise engage your reader. That’s an Instagram fail! Call to actions are crucial to a great Instagram post.


Now You’ve Got the Followers - Keep up the Content!

Once you have all 7 of these ideas in place, it’s up to you to keep your content relevant and keep the followers engaged and coming back for more! Aside from promoting your content, you can also try using a safe Instagram bot to grow your following.

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