7 Awesome Benefits of Video Marketing That You Should Know About

7 Awesome Benefits of Video Marketing That You Should Know About

Ever wondered why companies invest so much in video marketing services?

There is no single answer. There are many benefits of video marketing that any business today should take advantage of the medium as soon as they can. 

Don't panic if you're still not on board. We've listed 7 of the biggest benefits of video marketing right here. Take a look below:

1. Skyrocket Conversions

Did you know that 84% of people in a survey admitted videos convinced them to go and purchase a product? Sales are the most important conversions and you can improve those numbers significantly by investing in an effective video strategy. 

2. Enhance Email Marketing

Ever wondered if your subscribers read the newsletters you send? How sure are you that your email marketing tactics work? 

Improve engagement by adding videos to your emails. Videos are quicker and easier to digest when compared to traditional emails, after all.

3. Boost Social Media Engagement

Take a moment to scroll down Facebook. It won't take longer than a few seconds to encounter a couple of videos shared by friends. People love to share videos more than any other form of content on social media, so get with the program.

Breakdown a 1,000-word blog post. It might take someone a few minutes to read it. However, they can get the same message in less than a minute in a visually-engaging video.

4. Widen Brand Awareness with Video Marketing

Having a few videos available encourages people to share them. This widens your reach, which is one of the best benefits of video marketing.

Now keep in mind there are over 2.41 billion active users on Facebook and another 2 billion on YouTube. If you have engaging videos, it won't take long for people to share them and expose your content to billions of users. 

5. Build Credibility, Trust, and Loyalty

How many times did you look for a video review or unboxing video before purchasing a product? Many people do this and if you offer videos like these, you can easily win people's trust. It also builds credibility since you get to showcase your products or services to people without the glamour or editing of a traditional advertisement.

6. Showcase Personality

Your videos highlight the theme and personality of your business.

If it's grim, dreary, and boring then people will assume your company is that way too. Do your videos feature wacky characters, bright colors, and explicit language? People will assume your company endorses those aspects.

Take advantage of this. Craft videos that market not only your product but also your personality.

7. Backlinking Opportunities

Video marketing products play a crucial role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People may always feature your video and link back to it in their blog posts, their videos, or social media posts. 

Reap the Benefits of Video Marketing Now!

These are only some of the many benefits of video marketing. Don't hesitate to jump into it and formulate an effective strategy so you can enjoy these benefits now. 

Of course, video marketing is only the beginning. There are many other aspects of marketing to consider. If you want to discover some of these strategies, feel free to check out our other articles and guides today!


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