5 Advantages Of Video Marketing That You Can't Ignore

5 Advantages Of Video Marketing That You Can't Ignore

One beautiful day, in 1888, Louis Le Prince understood the power of video. He shot the world's first video, known as the "Roundhay Garden Scene" that was just two seconds long, but it was the beginning and he knew the advantages of video marketing even then. 

From then to now, videos have evolved drastically. Only one thing has remained constant. Its ability to "wow" the audience. When "Me at the Zoo" became the first video to be uploaded on YouTube in 2005, we only began to understand the power of videos. 

While we are talking about YouTube, did you know that it reaches more 18-49-year-olds than all cable TV networks combined? Also, it is predicted that by the end of this year, 82% of consumer web traffic will be for videos.

Everyone -- whether an individual, a startup, a small business or anyone else, needs video marketing. It is highly likely that your competitors are charting out an effective marketing strategy as you are reading this!

What about you?

Advantages of Video Marketing

Here's why you should do video marketing:

1. To Get More Leads and Boost Conversion Rates

That's great for business.

Digital marketing of any kind is all about getting more leads and conversions. Text and photos are a thing of tomorrow. Videos work the best. 

And we have proof. 83% of video marketers have got more leads with videos. People want to watch videos. They might exit after reading two paragraphs of a blog or do nothing after looking at a static image.

With videos, that give you the power to say a lot in a minute, you can easily boost your conversion rates and get more leads. One of the major reasons for videos performing well is they explain things better than other formats.

2. To Give Your Viewers What They Want

That's the only secret. 

54% of consumers want to see more videos. Videos are the best way to build a connection with your customers. Visuals are appealing. If they can relate to your idea, your business will surely be successful.

Good videos also inspire trust and make a viewer more confident about the brand. Videos, especially how-to videos, can also help a customer feel more clear about how a product or service works. Take Saas products or services as an example, the products are complicated and not as easy to figure out the practicality and the use, especially for customers. Instead of expecting your potential target to read a lengthy text about your services, engaging video content that showcases the unique features and effectiveness in a much more comprehendible way. This is the reason why animated explainer video production has become a popular marketing tool for a lot of tech and SaaS startups.

Videos help evoke emotions in your viewers (they stay in their subconscious). There are a lot of other things that work and showcase the advantage of video marketing, like the music, the facial expressions, the backdrop, among other things. 

3. For a Good ROI

It's the best way of advertising.

89% of video marketers believe that videos gave them a good ROI. There have been times when people don't trust the power of the internet because of low returns on investment.

But when you invest in a video-led campaign, you are going to be happy with the returns you get. It's tried and tested. Just ensure you create a high-quality video, and good ROI will follow.

For example, explainer videos with a call-to-action can directly lead to sales. People see the product or service being used and understand it better than a set of text instructions. 

4. To Improve Discoverability and Reach

It will give you a digital word-of-mouth effect.

Here's a quick stat. If you include a video link in your email, 50% of your customers are more likely to read it! Videos perform better anywhere -- be it social media channels, emails, messages, etc. 

People are also more likely to share a video than text or photos. When someone shares a video you created, it will help others discover your brand, and this will explode your reach!

Think of it like this. When people share your video, they become the unpaid ambassadors of your brand.

5. For Better SEO

SEO is queen for a king-like content.

When users spend more time on your website, as they watch videos, the trust quotient of the website increases, this means that search engines are more likely to display your website after a keyword search.

If you have a video embedded on your website, you are 53 times more likely to appear in the search results than otherwise! Without SEO, any content is as good as lost in a massive digital haystack. 

Optimize the video titles and descriptions. If you have been trying hard to get "visible" online, choose videos over anything else.

Market With Videos

However, be smart and creative when you create videos. Use a lot of colors and try to keep it under a minute. Remember, out of all our senses, vision in a dominant sense.

There are things that won't work well in videos that you should steer clear of. For example, badly lit videos or videos with an annoying voiceover won't perform well. 

Give it a lot of thought about what kind of videos you want to make. Try to stand out from the clutter of videos that's already there on the internet. Also, upload videos regularly. Don't let people forget you.

Another important part of video marketing is video editing. Badly edited videos won't give you all the benefits that we have mentioned above. Conversational videos are one of the most popular video types.

Do you find video editing to be time-consuming? And super expensive? You don't have to worry about that anymore. A video editing software like InVideo that is AI-powered will help you make professional videos in no time.

You can quickly edit, add text to video, and choose templates to create impressive videos that will get you more user engagement. You don't need to have technical know-how too.

With these advantages of video marketing, it's time to start video marketing today! The question isn't "why?" anymore. It's, "why not?".

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