6 Ways Retailers Can Boost Sales With User-Generated Content And Social Media

Retailers Can Boost Sales With User-Generated Content

Users are the most valuable asset for businesses now! How and what they think about the brand is the most valuable asset of any business. Today users are more active, have a different set of thought processes and behavioral patterns. They seek out to connect with brands that validate their experience, are reliable and credible. Further, the advent of the internet has revolutionized everything. Now, consumers have a platform to share their opinions, thoughts, and experiences, which a vast demographic of audiences also gets heard. This user-generated content is key for businesses.

To put it in a nutshell, they have the command now, and brands can no more manipulate them into sales.  Users today trust the voice of their peers and other users before making their purchase decision. Real experiences are the influencers of their purchase decisions, especially when it comes to retail. They are always scrolling through their social media channels to discover brands they can incorporate into their lives. Here, placing UGC(User-Generated Content) can be your best bet.

To know how you can do it, keep reading.

Ways In Which You Can Boost Sales With UGC & Social Media

Display Social Content

One of the most promising ways to display your users' content generated on social media channels is to showcase them on digital screens.

Digital screens are alluring, captivating, and can easily convert your audience into customers. When the spectators come across your existing users wearing or using your products, they will also get motivated to do the same. Furthermore, they will trust you more and might also end up creating and sharing content that speaks for your brand.

Showcase It On Your Website

Embedding the content generated on social media by your users is yet again a smart technique to lure the visitor's attention, have them engaged, and boost conversions on-site.

Embedding UGC can make your retail store look more authentic and inspire potential users to run through the products provided by you, which might end up in sales.

Additionally, by showcasing UGC by using a social media aggregator, you can avail yourself of real-time updated and customized feeds, which can further help you improve the appeal that your website generates.

Make It Shoppable

Turn your posts shoppable by adding shopping tags on the user-generated posts. Brands like Daniel Wellington, Dune London, etc., tried this marketing strategy and won immense attention and sales.

When people come across your existing users using the products alongside a brief description of the product and the price tag, they might end up buying your product out of impulsive behavior.

Further, this practice also streamlines the purchase journey of the buyers, which is yet again important, as the shift in behavior has also reduced their levels of patience.

Include Them In Emails

Email marketing is the preliminary form of marketing for marketers. But emails mostly go unnoticed and into abandonment. Hence, the need to uplift them is real, especially when you want to influence receivers into shopping.

Here, using UGC can make for the best option as it will authenticate your brand and let you have the chance to validate the efforts of your users beyond social media.

Include In Social Ads

Those days wherein celebrity-endorsed products did the job of charming the attention of the audience are about gone. Now, the need to know the real opinions and experiences of people is budding.

Further, social ads are an impactful strategy to expose your brand to a new set of audiences. So, walking the extra mile to create and achieve the desired results might fall under the non-negotiables.

Incorporate UGC in social ads to lure the shoppers' attention and turn them into your customer base.

Repost The Content

Reposting is an important part of repurposing the content created by the users. When you share the content posted by your users on social media digital signage, you avail yourself of the chance of validating their experience.

They will feel valued about their efforts getting recognized and inspired to create more content that speaks for your brand. Further, when any potential user lands up on your page, they will be awe-inspired looking at user reviews and visual content that is unadulterated, based on real experiences.

Let's Call It A Wrap!

Gaining users' trust, engagement is important for brands across industries. Speaking of retail, it becomes all the more important because the competition is running wild. It is only continuing to get more difficult to stand out from it.

Using UGC and the privileges social media platforms provide can be a great strategy. There is nothing that social proof and brand advocacy can't do. Especially in this closely knitted digital world.

Author - Grace Eva is a passionate content writer with expertise in digital signage and the digital marketing industry. She loves to explore new technologies and express herself through her blogs.

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