6 Incredibly Useful Tools and Skills Every Marketer Needs in 2020

6 Incredibly Useful Tools and Skills Every Marketer Needs in 2020

Effective marketing is a vital factor in the success of any business or product and so creating a winning marketing strategy is so important. The rise of the internet has had two conflicting effects on businesses; on one hand, it is has opened the world up so that previously unreachable potential customers are now just a click away; on the other hand, it has meant that every industry is now more competitive than ever as those same potential customers, who previously were restricted to local businesses, are now able to pick and choose from countless global options. This creates a unique demand for useful tools and skills every marketer needs.

As a result, the role of the marketer has become ever more important, and staying ahead of the marketing game is vital to ensure you can attract customers to your marketing business and deliver great results for them. This article is a guide to 6 incredibly useful tools and skills every marketer needs in 2020.

1. Effective Marketing Software

With so much of the world’s business being conducted online now, the majority of marketing is now done digitally. The experts behind explain that in order to create and execute a winning marketing strategy, software can give marketers a real advantage. Effective marketing software enables marketers to conduct detailed customer, market, and competitor analysis, devise a unique strategy for each of your customers, and launch a winning marketing campaign. Software has taken much of the guesswork out of marketing meaning that every step of the process can be tailored to the customer which results in more successful results.

2. A Great Website

There are many marketing firms available to customers these days so it is really important that marketers have a great website. Your website will be your customers’ first impression of your company and a well-designed, professional website will portray that you are a serious company and that customers should hire you. Your website should include testimonials from previous and current customers as well as case studies which potential customers can look at so that they can be confident about your track record.

3. Social Media

Along with a great website, social media presence is so important for marketers to reach out to new customers and to show off their successful campaigns. These days, most of the world is on social media and so if your marketing company does not have a great social media presence, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Social media is one of the most direct ways which you can interact with people, respond to queries, and showcase your talents and success stories.

4. SEO Skills

6 Incredibly Useful Tools Every Marketer Needs in 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of modern marketing and so it is really important that you have all the requisite knowledge and skills. Being able to boost your customer’s website up on search engine results pages is one of the most effective ways to increase their business and so having top SEO skills is vital for every marketer in 2020. Make sure that someone on your marketing team knows how to run an effective SEO strategy, using both on-site and off-site SEO to maximize your customers’ potential.

5. Copywriting and Content Writing Skills

Great ad copy and effective content are key to a successful marketing strategy so any marketer who wants to be successful must hone these skills. Running a successful advertising campaign is all about finding out what potential customers are looking for and reaching out to them with a product or service in a way that makes it irresistible. SEO requires strategically planned content, both on-site and off-site, which incorporates the right keywords and anchor text to ensure that the search engine algorithms rate your customer’s website highly. Make sure your writing skills are up to scratch and the results will speak for themselves.

6. Chatbots

Chatbots are a really innovative way to engage with customers 24 hours a day. The rapid advancement in chatbot technology means that marketers can now implement this tool with incredible levels of Artificial Intelligence. The simplest chatbots can be set up to answer frequently asked questions, whilst the most sophisticated can act as a human-like customer service advisor to deal with queries on customers’ websites and social media platforms. This not only creates a useful point of contact for customers but also eliminates the need to hire a person to answer queries which saves money.


There are so many tools available to modern marketers that it is such an exciting time to be in marketing. Technological developments have created incredible opportunities in digital marketing and online customer outreach. If you are a marketer who is looking to add strings to your bow, try out some of the useful tools and skills every marketer needs that were listed in this article.  

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