5 Tools to Drastically Increase Your Website Conversions

5 Tools to Drastically Increase Your Website Conversions

One of the fallacies in regards to online business success is that more always means better. This is not necessarily the case. This myth will often arise when referring to click-through rates versus conversions. After all, of what use is a very high visitor rate if only a handful are choosing to engage further and convert into active clients? This is when a bit of insight needs to come into play. There are a handful of third-party software bundles that can help you to enhance lagging rates dramatically and enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI). Let us take a quick look at how you can take the concept of quality lead generation to the next level through the use of five cutting-edge tools.


Let's imagine for a moment that your manual analyses have highlighted a handful of pages that seem to be receiving the majority of inbound hits. This is hardly enough to fully appreciate what your visitors are doing when they are browsing throughout the website. HotJar bills itself as an "all-in-one" tool which provides you with a higher level of insight so that the appropriate actions can follow. Some steps that can be taken with the help of HotJar include:

  • Form analyses
  • The ability to create user feedback polls
  • Surveys
  • Recruiting specific customers for trial campaigns
  • Video recordings of user sessions to appreciate what actions they are taking during a session

While there is no doubt that certification programs in digital marketing strategies will provide you with a strong knowledge base, the information offered by HotJar adds a further level of high-quality insight so that you can take the appropriate actions to increase conversion rates.

Google Analytics

You might already be familiar with Google Analytics, as this is considered to be one of the most popular lead generation and conversion tools. It is estimated that more than 29.3 million websites currently employ this utility to measure conversion statistics and to enhance the efficacy of their existing campaigns.

It can be argued that the most attractive feature of Google Analytics is that it is straightforward to use. As this bundle is also free, we can appreciate why it represents a universal solution. While the information provided is somewhat basic when compared to other options, it is still very relevant. Some prominent details include:

  • The number of visitors entering your website.
  • What devices they are using.
  • How long they remain upon a specific page.
  • Which pages are the most popular?
  • The geographic locations of your visitors.

You can also analyze your real-time website traffic. This is a great way to determine how a specific campaign or discount is performing from a proactive stance. 

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a portion of their overall analytics platform. From a very basic point of view, we can think of this bundle as an A/B testing tool. It allows you to run experiments on your website so that you can better determine which pages are performing well and those which might require a bit of extra work (or perhaps be scrapped entirely). 

Not only can you run tests on entire pages, but you can also test specific elements within a page (such as a block of HTML or an embedded flash video). This allows you to discover the best ways to optimize different sections of your website. It is also critical to mention that you can simultaneously "bench test" two versions of the same page to see which version is performing at the highest level. Any changes will thereafter be made with a higher level of insight. Much like Google Analytics, Google Optimize is free to use. 


Increasing website conversions does not necessarily rely upon internal factors alone. On the contrary, email marketing is a crucial facet of any successful online business. While many automated platforms offer a host of tools, MailChimp is undoubtedly one of the most popular. 

This email giant is primarily intended to provide you with a means to integrate email capture forms directly within your website. Another impressive feature is that a CRM (customer relationship management) suite is built into their free version. While this might not interest some users, the fact of the matter is that it is a nice touch, even if somewhat basic in terms of the overall design. 

Engagement is another critical aspect which MailChimp can address. Some email platforms will only register the information of a visitor if he or she fully opts-in for a specific product or service, such as requesting further information. However, MailChimp can capture the details of a visitor, even if a form has only been partially completed. These prospects can then be targeted in the future via dedicated email campaigns. The free version of this bundle enables you to send up to 10,000 emails each month to as many as 2,000 subscribers, an excellent tool for up-and-coming businesses. 

Facebook Pixel (Ideal for Re-Targeting)

We all know that social media plays an essential role in terms of website conversions. Still, targeted advertising is the ultimate key to success. Facebook Pixel enables you to send advertisements to other users who have already visited your website. In other words, it serves to bridge the gap between social media and a standalone web page. This is important, as you always want to interact with those individuals who are more receptive to what it is that you are offering. Separating the digital wheat from the chaff in this respect will enable you to focus your efforts in the right direction. Otherwise known as re-marketing, Facebook Pixel can represent a handy tool if you are hoping to accentuate your interactions with social media followers in hopes of them returning to your website to convert into customers. Pixel is free to use. All that is required is an existing account.

These are five of the numerous tools which can be leveraged to increase your website conversion rates. Still, keep in mind that many of these free bundles offer more advanced options for a fee. This is why it is a good idea to examine their features in greater detail by visiting their official websites. Website conversions are critical in regards to long-term success, and there has never been a better time to take your online venture to the next level!


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