3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Conversion Rate

3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Conversion Rate

Marketing your business is critical if you want to turn a profit and boost your profile. In today’s digital world, online marketing is the first-choice option for the vast majority of businesses. Indeed, the impressive ROIs and simplicity of campaign implementation mean that digital marketing can be a sure-fire way of increasing your profitability and growing your business and a key way to do this is to improve your online conversion rate.

To generate real gains from online marketing, however, you need to optimize your conversion rate. While increasing engagement and building an online fanbase is always beneficial, you can only determine the true success of your activity when you analyze your conversion rate. If you want to increase the ROI of your online marketing activity and drive your business forward, check out these 3 proven ways to increase your online conversion rate now:

  1. Collect Data

If you want to boost your conversion rate, it starts with learning more about user behavior. If your online marketing activity is successfully driving a large volume of traffic to your website, why isn’t this being reflected in the number of conversions you secure? 

Analyzing your website data will give you an accurate answer to this question and allow you to modify relevant content, processes, or site structures to increase conversions. When you collate and analyze data, you’ll be able to see where your traffic originates from, how long users spend on your site, what prompts them to leave, and even at what stage they abandon a purchase. 

You can never know too much about your customer base or your target audience, so remain committed to learning more about them however you can. Remember – simply viewing your data now and again doesn’t equate to comprehensive data collation or analysis. Device and implement a data management strategy if you really want to learn more and use the information to increase your conversion rate. 

  1. Embrace SEO

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a variety of new tools and techniques you can utilize to hone your campaign performance. However, overlooking the basics means you’ll struggle to secure the conversions you deserve. Search engine optimization, or SEO, may sound old-school in today’s digital era but it’s the basis of any successful digital marketing campaign. 

Whether you have an existing SEO strategy in place or it’s not something you’ve tackled yet, be prepared to start from scratch. Working with other professionals to access sector-specific SEO support can be a great way to kick-start your activity. With ecommerce SEO services you can successfully increase online sales, for example, while B2B SEO services will enable you to acquire more clients and grow your business. No matter what your specialism is, be sure to work with professionals who understand your enterprise and your audience. 

Some business owners choose to manage their SEO in-house and this is a viable strategy, providing you’ve got the resources, time, and expertise. Effective SEO can be time-consuming, particularly if you don’t have much experience with this area of digital marketing. Furthermore, SEO activities should be implemented consistently if you want to significantly increase your conversions. 

3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Conversion Rate

  1. Test Everything

When you create new content or devise your next digital marketing strategy, don’t simply implement it and wait until it’s culminated to assess the results. This may be common practice when it comes to offline marketing activities, but you could miss out on a swathe of sales if you apply the same approach to digital marketing. 

Online marketing activities can be modified and updated at any time. If something isn’t working, you have the option to change it mid-way through your campaign to achieve better results. This gives you the unique opportunity to make changes to your online marketing and test the impact your modifications have. 

Often known as A/B or A/B/C testing, split testing allows you to determine which content, tools, or methods work most effectively. With verifiable data to inform your decision-making process, you can hone your campaigns to maximize their success and continually optimize your conversion rate.

Secure More Conversions and Grow Your Business

Many people assume that maximizing your conversion rate means securing more sales and this can certainly be one way of boosting conversions. However, a successful ‘conversion’ depends on your campaign objective. 

When you’re aiming to increase brand awareness, obtain email signups or create brand ambassadors, for example, a successful conversion may equate to a user sharing content, someone signing up to your mailing list or another person downloading your VIP app. 

By varying your objectives and focusing on both short and long-term goals, you can inform your target audience, acquire new customers, and increase customer lifecycle value when you make optimizing your online conversion rate your top priority. 

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