5 Tips for Choosing an Event Venue for Your Next Event

Choosing an Event Venue for Your Next Event

If you want to dance the night away and enjoy a good meal in celebration, you'll need the perfect place to hold the event. Event planning starts with the venue. Children's birthday parties alone make up a $38 billion industry. Weddings are a huge portion of the event venue business. Regardless of what event you're trying to put on, you should do some legwork in finding the best place. But how can you start?

Use the tips below to find the right event venue.

  1. Consider the Vibe of the Event Venue

When you look into venue options, you'll be able to capture the vibe that you're going for. Consider what type of event you're producing, who you're inviting, and what mood you'd like to create.

Choose venue decorating that'll accomplish this, while also taking advantage of the space that you're booking.

  1. Look at the Floorplan and Layout

You need to understand how much space your event venue has, along with the layout. Consider what types of stations you need to set up, including a bar area, dance floor, cake cutting area, and others.

Each venue will have a maximum occupancy that is strict due to fire codes. This is why you need to get your guestlist hashed out early.

Check out the event space design so that you can plan out your day and what you're hoping to get from it. Look through several event plans to see which area has the best flow.

  1. Consider Indoor and Outdoor Event Venue Options

Think about whether you'd like to book an indoor or outdoor venue. Each has its pros and cons, so think about what kind of experience you're trying to create.

Indoor Venues:

  • You're protected from the weather
  • It gives you more control over the sound, lighting, and food
  • Access to bathrooms and utilities

Outdoor Venues:

  • The views and atmosphere are breathtaking
  • Sunlight boosts mood
  • You can include fire and fireworks

Decide which option is best for the results you're trying to achieve.

  1. Weigh Your Budget

Cost is an important factor that you'll need to consider. Wedding venues typically cost a little less than $11,000, on average.

Figure out how this factors into your budget, and have a ceiling for how much you're willing to spend. Shop with a couple of different venues so that you can find the best deal.

  1. Save the Date

Venues book up quickly, which is why you need to consult with them in advance. The rule of thumb is that you should book at least a year in advance. Most venues will start to book quickly, and it's important that you be the first one to secure your date.

Go with venues that have your ideal date and time slot.

Find the Best Event Venue

When you study event venue options, you'll be better able to make it a magical day. These five points will get you started so that you can lock in the date at the perfect event place.

Use these points and browse our other articles to learn more about planning an event.

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