5 Impacts of Online Reviews in Your Business

When it comes to running a business, success depends heavily on a customer’s feedback, or online reviews. For every customer that uses your products or services, their initial experience can have a huge impact on whether or not they choose to be a returning customer. Not only that, but they can also influence the people around them based on their experience.

Impacts of Online Reviews

To help you understand just how important customer reviews are, here are 5 impacts of online reviews in your business: 

1.   A User’s Decision-making Process

Before buying a product or service online, it is quite common for users to do their research thoroughly. There are many websites offering customer feedback and reviews for consumers to make more educated decisions. A user can visit this site and be introduced to a wide variety of the best options available based on the category they’re looking into. This will not only help them make a better decision, but will also make them feel safer and more comfortable about their choice. Reading other people’s online reviews really affects the decision-making process. This can make a user become more inclined or put off their plans based on someone else’s review.

2.     Negative Feedback and Sales

When a user leaves negative feedback on an online review, it can have a huge impact on the success of your business. In fact it can push away other users who were looking to buy. Finding a negative online review on an online product can reduce sales by an average of 22%. However, because online reviews aren’t always authentic and many people are aware of that, it is important to check the average results. Users take into consideration both positive and negative reviews. When there is more than one negative review on your business profile, it can really be a turn off for new customers who are interested in purchasing.

3.     Promoting Good Customer Service

Unfortunately, most people tend to acknowledge and share their negative reviews rather than their positive ones. Because it is somewhat expected and the general norm to experience a positive outcome. Less people feel the need to share it unless something was off about the situation. However, while a negative review does cause mistrust and can discourage other users from making a purchase, it is also a great chance for your business to portray great customer care.

This can be done by responding to negative reviews in a timely manner. Using the response to show your concern, care and willingness to make it up to the customer in any way you can after apologizing for their bad experience. This shows other users that even if they were unlucky with the product or service they requested, your business will be willing to take full responsibility. Either offer them a refund or make up for it by giving them another product without the defects they faced. Showing this instant response and positive action will allow customers to feel more comfortable with your business. Customer service is a great way to turn a negative comment into a positive outcome.

4. Proof of Authenticity

When a company’s online profile only has positive reviews, it tends to look a bit sketchy. Having a few negative reviews shows that the company is actually authentic. It also gives a touch of human error that makes it more trustworthy. However, it is important that these negative reviews are dealt with care, appropriate language, and positive customer service to avoid scaring people away.  Once a user notices the negative review, they will take the time to read the positive ones too making it balance out.

Online reviews

5. Company Growth

While receiving negative feedback isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It is a great opportunity to open your eyes to small errors that occur within the company, and it can help you fix these errors. Receiving negative reviews can alert you to things such as poorly trained employees, bad packaging or even products that might not be working the way you expected them to. It is essential for your company to help fix the problems at hand. Then work on presenting better quality and service that will satisfy all customers.

Many users trust online reviews from strangers almost as much as they trust personal recommendations. They have a huge impact on a user’s decision of whether or not to make a purchase. That being said, it is crucial for every business to not only allow customers to leave reviews but to also keep an eye on negative ones being left. Businesses should ensure that these reviews are resolved with care and professionalism.

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