4 Ways to Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Looking for all the ways to make money online? Then you are in the right place! I have been traveling the world as a digital nomad for six years. In fact, I do all my work on my laptop and can do it from anywhere in the world. Some ways I've made money online include through online coaching, casinos without GamStop, freelancing, and many more ways to make money online.

I think making money online is great. It allows you to work from home, not live a 9-to-5 life and decide your holidays. All you need to make money online is a laptop, WiFi, and a power socket. Do you have that? Then we can get started!

Earn Money Online Opportunities

In this article, I discuss all the ways to make money online that I know of. I have applied many of them myself and they are certainly all reliable methods for an online income.

However, they are only intended for people who want to get started seriously. If there's one thing I believe, it's that making money online is possible for absolutely everyone. However, too often on the internet, there are ways that don't earn you a cent. You will not find these and get-rich-quick schemes in this article.

Here we will work on reliable ways to be successful online. These ways have been renewed for 2023. So you can work location independently from home or your favorite holiday destination!

1. Earn Money With Your Own Website

A website or blog is a good way to make money online. You can go in many directions with this. Anyone can create a blog these days. This is especially easy with a web builder such as WordPress. You can easily register your domain name and WordPress hosting and get started in no time.

When you create your own website you can do it about something you are passionate about. Visitors then arrive at your website via Google (that's how you got here, right?). These are free website visitors and you can earn money with them.

Additionally, there are many ways to earn money with a website; advertisements, advertorials, affiliate marketing, selling a well-run website, Google Adsense, business listings, or by offering your own product or service on it, such as in a webshop. There are plenty of opportunities for an income with your own website! After all, that's how I earn my money. For those starting, however, the advice is simple. Go for Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. These methods are relatively accessible.

We will talk about affiliate marketing later, but first a little about Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a Google system that displays (relevant) advertisements on websites. Numerous websites have registered with the system and are freeing up space for Google Adsense advertisements. Google determines which advertisements are the most relevant. All you have to do is register with Google Adsense and link it to your website. You then receive money each time one of the advertisements is clicked. It is important to know that you need a lot of visitors to your website. Just starting a website and waiting for the money to flow in won't work. Thus, you should actively work to create valuable content so that people can find your website and want to visit it.

2. Affiliate Marketing to Generate Passive Income

Affiliate marketing is an interesting and relatively new way to make money online. I often use affiliate marketing myself. This form of marketing ensures that I have a passive income. It often happens that I open my laptop in the morning and receive a notification with new affiliate earnings (about €5,000 per month now). Quite funny, because I was just sleeping at that moment!

Affiliate marketing means that you place (tracking) links to products and services of companies. When someone clicks on your link and buys the product or service, you will receive a commission. A commission for affiliate marketing can be up to 50% of the sales price. This quickly amounts to hundreds of euros or dollars per product.

You can place those links on your website, blog, Instagram page, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or in an email. It doesn't matter where, as long as someone can click on it, you can make money with it! If you have a website, blog, or other platform to post affiliate links, you need to register with one of the thousands of affiliate programs.

3. Make Money Online With Cryptocurrency

Let's face it, crypto still exists. Bitcoin (a cryptocurrency) is often in the news, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are more than 21,000 registered cryptocurrencies and you can make money with them. To avoid a misconception; making money with crypto is not gambling like playing at non-GamStop casinos and, above all, it is not that complicated at all.

To make money with crypto, you buy coins for a lower price than you sell them for later. You could call that swing trading. The difference between the purchase and sales price is then your profit :). You can literally do the above daily and because crypto fluctuates considerably in price, you can start with a small amount!

While you may think of zeros and ones when trading crypto, it is no longer that complicated these days.

4. Flipping NFTs & Monetizing the Metaverse

Want to make money online with NFTs? Maybe you've never heard of it. NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Token and represents a revolution in the digital art world.

Just like “real” art, NFTs can be sold for cash or cryptocurrency. The only difference is that this transaction is recorded on the blockchain. There it is registered who owns the NFT and therefore the work of art.

Yes, you can make money with that too. There are more and more news headlines about NFTs being sold for millions.


Start making money online using one of the above methods. I have every confidence in you! After all, if I can do it, then you certainly can! Achieving success online is mainly about mindset. It's about perseverance and willpower.

When I look back and see what I got in return, I don't regret the efforts I showed for a moment. Good luck!

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