NFT for Web Developers

NFT for Web Developers

Non-fungible token (NFT) is now a household phenomenon that you have probably heard about a couple of times. Initially, before NFTs, it was completely difficult to prove ownership of a digital asset. So, typically the asset was invaluable. Beeple for example had made his major sale of $ 100 for a print. Later on, he sold the original piece during NFTs discovery to attain a whopping $69 million. It's remarkable right! There are several reasons why you would consider purchasing an NFT. You can use your NFTs in several ways such as:

1. As a utility

NFTs are vended out as parts of a collection with access to the assets. NFTs also offer real-world events and items. An example is the Kings of Leon band which released its album in 2021 as an NFT. It was effective purchasing NFTs at the moment it hit the market simply because you would have gained access to special perks such as a limited edition of vinyl or future concert tickets.

2. As an investment

NFT scarcity has led it to be a collectible and its value has historically increased after the initial sale.

3. People genuinely like the art

Most individuals value quality art pieces. They may use them as wall hangings or as a display in their living rooms. You may decide to buy an NFT piece which you will display as live art using your digital screen.

How to create an NFT

As a web developer, your familiarity with cryptocurrencies only eases creating an NFT (minting). Several steps will help you ace your creations. You can also find great developers on job boards related to Web3 to create awesome NFT's .

1. Create a crypto wallet

Essentially NFTs operate on a blockchain. Thus, it is prudent for you to have a crypto wallet to transfer, buy, sell and store the NFTs. There are several market wallets examples of Metamask, and Coin base.

2. Fund your crypto wallet

Transforming your digital work to an NFT, is an act of recording a transaction on the blockchain which will cost money (Gas fee) Thus, you need money in form of ethereal (Cryptocurrency forms) to fund the minting. Remember that gas fees aren’t fixed and are dependent on the price the network is charging. Averagely it may cost between $50 to $150 for each NFT.

3. Pick an NFT marketplace

The variety is quite limitless. You can decide to vend on Rarible, OpenSea, Mintable, KnownOrigin, and SuperRare. However, OpenSea is the most popular.

4. Connect cryptocurrency to the NFT marketplace

Linking your chosen ethereal to the NFT marketplace is as easy as clicking the create option.

5. Mint your NFTs

After following the previous steps now create your NFTs. You will be required to upload the original file of your work (image or video) and select the terms of sale such as

  • Will it be sold at a fixed or auction value?
  • How long will it be available for sale?
  • Will there be royalties paid for every sale?

NFT in Web Design

NFTs are the modern way of selling and buying digital assets. Digital creations range from websites, logos, graphic arts, illustrations, 3D models, and animations. For example, the sale of digital art in 2021 reached $22 billion from $100 million in 2020.

It, therefore, implies that as a developer, you are in a perfect position to take advantage of new technology will help you cybersecure your environment at every stage of development synced across your infrastructure, earn money and distribute work to new audiences.

The advantage is that any digital art (illustrations and animations) can be vended as an NFT. Hashtag Academy Course helps you convert your arts to NFTs. Flick's content manager Mackenzie Taylor, confirms positivity from their website. Some of the digital arts converted to NFTs include Bored Apes Yacht Club, Crypto punks, Fuzzies collection by Hank Washington, Degen Toonz Collection by Digital Designers, and Hip inspire by designer Marko. The options are endless and you can as well buy colors and design them to suit your NFTs.

As a web creator, you can use NFT in different ways to build a fan base and attain a larger audience such as:

1. Vending as an NFT

Selling your digital arts as an NFT is the most common way to begin. With NFTs, you can sell your websites, logos, graphics, arts, illustrations, and animations to individuals who desire to become owners of the original file. You can also earn royalties with future sales further increasing your revenues. There are various ways you can decide to vend your NFTs. You can decide to fix a standard price, or put it up for an auction and let them decide the amount they want to pay. Other than the revenue from the initial offering, you can as well decide to earn royalties each time the asset is sold in the future. You can sell your NFT at $2,000 then the new owner can sell it at $20,000 which lets you gain a 10% royalty. The percentage sale is established before the initial sale.

2. Grow audience and following

Many individuals globally are concerned and willing to purchase NFTs as investment opportunities or as utilities. However, they may be uninterested in the design or the art and may only have developed interest from your NFT s exposure. Offering your pieces as NFTs can attract more audiences worldwide. It will in turn expose you to more clients globally. As a web developer, you can still retain your copyrights and production rights just like the physical art piece.

3. Offer creation and promotional services to your customers

You can offer NFT creation services to your clients and encourage them to establish their brands with NFTs. The outcome will be you will increase your brand awareness, foster engagement, and increase your revenue streams. For example, if you are a web designer, you can offer new service lines to create the NFTs and establish portfolio sites to market them. You can as well sign up for platforms like Fiverr and offer services on NFT designs and NFT website creation services.

NFTs Environmental Impact

Once you mint an NFT, you are recording a transaction on the blockchain. In the ethereal network, the transactions consume a significant amount of computing power. From data, a sole transaction has a similar carbon footprint of 299,262 Visa transactions or 22,512 hours of YouTube binging. It’s true that NFTs don’t directly result to energy consumption as it’s directed on the blockchains. However, there is a need to be conscious of technology utilization for quality decisions. Ethereal is working on solutions to reduce the impact of using NFTs. Since there is no time frame, it is wise to use alternatives like Solana, Algorand, Cardamom, and Tezos.

How to promote your NFTs

Your landing page for your NFTs must have a website to communicate the project details to your potential clients.

1. Begin with elementors' new landing page designs

You can immediately utilize the design from the landing page which has unique creation and is engaging, with its effects and animations. It is a perfect way. You can check out on Robotos, Dippies and Coolman’s Universe.

2. Inculcate a new revenue stream

You can increase NFTs revenues for your clients as a web developer. However, you should strive to know how it works and how to create them.

The intersection of NFT and web design

NFTs have become more popular and are hitting record sale prices in auction houses like Christy's and Sotheby's. Celebrities are also utilizing them as profile pictures. Thus, as a web developer you can use it to your advantage by understanding its purposes and using it to link to your web designs monitor how long, where, and when your secrets are used, and revoke its usage from unauthorized access by using these awesome features at to give access or revoke Some of the NFTs incorporation may be based on;

1. NFTs offering membership

Some NFTs represent membership such as Vee friends by Gary Vaynerchuck collections or Bored Ape Yacht Club. The exclusive communities are accessible to primary events, early access to brand launches, conference passes, and concerts. NFTs can offer access to virtual gaming events and rewards like shields and swords. You can also purchase virtual real estate like Decentraland.

2.  NFTs tie to physical asset

NFTs can be loaded with cryptocurrency or paired with physical objects. For example, Nike's crypto kickshoes come with a corresponding NFT tracking ownership on the blockchain. The NFT, therefore, works like a certificate of authenticity while providing a fun experience to customers. Adversely, Nike's cryptokicks will let you like the shoe owner to have their NFT sneakers similar to the crypto kitties. You can be a shoe designer and get the actual hybrid shoe made effectively. Tim Berner Lee, for example, sold an NFT of the World Wide Web source at Sotheby's with the original time-stamped files having the source code and animated visualization of the code, a signed digital poster, and a physical letter.

Best NFT Blogs

You can find useful content, new posts, analyses, NFT offers, and more on selected NFT blog sites such as AirNFTs,, OpenSea, NFT plazas, NFTically, Cyrpto.comNFT, FinancialTimesNFT, NFT Culture, Metaversal, Play to Earn, KnownOrigin, Enjin, Larva labs (Crypto punks), Ether cards, and Mintable


Investing in NFTs can help you raise your revenue collection. Showcasing your assets using NFTs also will attract more global customers further building your client base and collaboration. Web designers should thus, take advantage of the opportunity by creating super trendy websites and linking them to NFTs.

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