Best NFT Marketplaces To Pay Attention To

Best NFT Marketplaces To Pay Attention To

Although blockchain and cryptocurrencies have existed for years, NFTs are a relatively new thing. Tokens of this kind were created back in the mid-2010s, but the first NFT projects became available in 2017 only. Now there are many places where NFT can be bought, traded, and sold but not all are equal.  In this post we outline the best NFT marketplaces to pay attention to.

Now people are making millions of dollars trading NFTs. And as BuidlBee says, there are numerous ways to earn on NFTs, and sometimes you don’t even have to create anything. But that's another story. In this article, we will briefly talk about the best NFT marketplaces.

What Is NFT?

Let's first briefly consider the term "NFT" for those who have forgotten what it is.

NFT is a non-fungible token that is “attached” to a single object. This object can be a photo, a picture, a gif, a video, a music track, a character in a game, etc. — in a word, any digital content that claims to be at least some kind of uniqueness. NFTs are highly prized among collectors, gamers, and art lovers. People buy and sell them through auctions.

In simple words, an NFT is a single, unique token. It's like a digital entry in the blockchain registry that gives you the rights to own an original object of the digital space. This document is stored in the user's crypto wallet, like any other cryptocurrency.

Best NFT Marketplaces To Pay Attention To

As planned, NFT tokens were created as an opportunity for digital content creators to make money on collectors, gamers, and art connoisseurs. Now the main direction is the monetization of popularity.

Top List of NFT Marketplaces

Numerous websites work with NFTs. Some are highly specialized resources with different product categories: video game items only, digital art, audio, video, etc.

Sites typically charge a commission in ETH. The commission varies in size.

And so, let's look at some of the top NFT marketplaces.

  • OpenSea

The OpenSea platform enables users to sell, purchase and generate their NFT tokens. This is a decentralized project, so the control over the money in all transactions remains with the users. The OpenSea platform is a tool for connecting to brand-new, quickly expanding NFT market.

A feature of OpenSea is a wide range of categories. Popular ones include art, sports, trading cards, and projects from famous artists. Also, you can purchase NFT in the form of audio, a domain name, or a 3D object. 

The standard OpenSea commission is 2.5% of the NFT price. 

Best NFT Marketplaces To Pay Attention To

  • Rarible

Rarible is one of the first NFT trading resources. The popularity of Rarible is due to the relative ease of creating and trading NFTs, as well as a large selection of collections from well-known authors and brands.

You can design, buy and market NFTs in categories such as art, photography, games, metaverse, music, memes, and more. To register on Rarible, you need to connect a cryptocurrency wallet.

  • SuperRare

One of the biggest NFT trading platforms, it represents one of the NFT communities that is most private and conceptual. Exclusive "extremely rare" digital art is its main focus. The Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for SuperRare, and ETH is used for all transactions and auction bids.

Only invited creators can join the community and trade with other members, and SuperRare approves and verifies the uniqueness of their works.

Best NFT Marketplaces To Pay Attention To

  • Nifty Gateway

It's a large NFT marketplace of exclusive digital art built on the Ethereum blockchain. It features rare collectibles, fine arts, animations, and music. Moreover, you can add your token for free. 

The main feature of this site is that users can buy NFT using fiat currency (US dollars, euros, yen, etc.), and sellers can withdraw income to their credit or debit cards.

The marketplace takes a 15% commission from the transaction. The platform retains 5% and an additional 30 cents from each NFT resale.

  • Foundation

This popular digital NFT marketplace specializes in high-end artwork and rare collectibles. The platform supports several popular ETH wallets, which can be used to replenish the balance and withdraw funds.

You can get to the platform through an invitation — a personal invitation from a participant who is already a user and, in addition, has successful sales and is a sought-after artist.

It's worth noting that every action you take costs money – listing, transferring, changing the price, or withdrawing from the auction.

Best NFT Marketplaces To Pay Attention To

Final Words

There are many platforms where you can place your tokens. Some even have a narrow specialization, for instance, game items or art only. We have listed 4 of the best NFT marketplaces, but this is obviously not the whole list.

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