4 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Conversion Rate is Low and How to Fix It!

Landing Page Conversion Rate is Low and How to Fix It!

Landing page conversions are a topic that most digital marketing experts focus on religiously. Especially when looking to drive online leads. If a landing page conversion rate is low or the bounce rates are high, then there is an issue. Either with (a) an obvious issue with the way the landing page is configured. Or, (b) you are using an incorrect lead gen strategy to attract traffic to that landing page. In this guide, we will expand on both these topics. We'll give you the 4 most common reasons your landing page is failing, and how to fix these issues!

  1. Poor Quality Design & Structure

Design quality represents the worth of your brand. A poor page design with grainy images and a confusing structure will immediately put customers off. We should also mention bad videos on the landing page as well as poor copy. Take a good look at the underperforming landing page and ask yourself if you would trust the product or service being sold just by looking at the page design? Also, ask who the page inspires? It should be obvious at first glance whether the page oozes confidence or unprofessionalism!

Luckily, fixing a poor landing page is not too difficult in today’s modern marketing-driven digital world. There are plenty of seamless tools out there such as a landing page builder. These tools can help you easily revamp your failing web page. Not only will you benefit from excellent design, but you will also see how landing page builders help you deliver the service/product information in the correct order. And, you can even integrate it with eCommerce and payment solutions!

  1. Low Quality Content (Communication)

You will surprise yourself with just how a few small, and sometimes major, tweaks in the copy can turn a low converting landing page into a powerful sales machine! Now copy and design (point number 1 above) go hand in hand when driving sales. You could have a perfect landing page design, but the design alone will not make sales. Quite often the main issue with copy is contradictory information. Or, content that has not been correctly proofread for mistakes.

For instance, the page may highlight free delivery, while next to the price there is a small print reading ‘postage and packing not included in price’. Another error often made is the discount percentages on sales. Often one page may state a 10% discount in one area and 15% discount in another. As small as these errors may seem, these contradictions can put consumers off.

Other obvious issues are poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and unattractive headers. These do not speak out to consumers, and often webpages may contain too much text. Fixing these errors requires a skilled copywriter with persuasive writing skills. However, solve walls of text simply by adding infographics!

  1. Badly Designed Payment Gateways (System)

Poorly designed payment gateways are not a landing page-specific problem as such. But, a site-wide issue for any company that provides online ordering and payments. Nonetheless, if there are problems within the process, this will negatively affect landing page conversions for companies providing online payment solutions.

Some of the issues with payment gateways you can easily fix, but you need to understand where these issues are. This means testing your payment gateway vigorously. If you have not done any payment gateway tests, then you should! Also, if there is an issue with your payment gateway, it should be clear from your analytics. So, this is always a good place to look first.

It may be the discount promised on the landing page is not auto-applying, or a phone number entry is mandatory. Or, even the postcode validation not working correctly. All of which prevent customers from moving from the cart to a successful purchase!

  1. Your Lead Gen is Not Target Market Focused

Lead generation is a landing page-specific issue if your digital marketing efforts use the wrong keywords or target the wrong audiences using social media ads. Some clues include high bounce rates as well as short page view and/or session times showing up for your landing page in analytics. Now diagnosing these issues requires some expertise on how to filter out results on your analytics tool.

Your main points of interest should focus on filtering paid ads and assessing the keywords. You should ask yourself if the keywords are too broad and bring irrelevant traffic. This should be obvious from the ‘keywords’ in your analytics. For social media, you will need to see which posts lead to the landing page. Then assess the relevance of the information in the posts!

Reviewing The Causes of Low Landing Page Conversion Rates and How to Fix Them!

Hopefully, the information above gives you some ideas of where to look to fix a non-performing landing page. We covered some of the primary causes and gave you an idea of where to look and how to fix each one. If you want to look at how to optimize your entire website to increase conversions check out our guide!

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