7 Effective Ways To Provide Substantial Lift In Your Conversion Rate

7 Effective Ways To Provide Substantial Lift In Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate indicates the number of times that the visitors of your site perform what you intend them to do such as purchasing products or subscribing to services through your site. It can also be that your goals are categorized as microservices wherein you want them to sign up for email lists or create an account. If you are focused on improving your site’s conversion rate, below are some effective ways to provide substantial lift in your conversion rate to do so.

1. Monitor your Conversion Rate

To enhance the conversion rate of your site, the first thing that you need to do is to track and monitor this metric. Leverage on the conversion tracking of Google ads because this is one of the most convenient and effective mediums to do so. However, you need to ensure that your conversion tracking will be able to paint a picture of the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Thereby, track every conversion goal such as phone calls, form submissions, sign-ups, sales, as well as online chats to name a few because simply tracking your missing conversions can provide substantial lift in your conversion rate in a day.

2. Combine A/B Testing with SEO

A/B testing or split testing is another way that can help you get your visitors to perform your overall goal. In this way, each of your users will see a different variant of your site’s pages wherein the site with a higher conversion rate is deemed as more effective. However, the experts of Riordan SEO believe that you should not gear away too much from the design and scope of your original page because the algorithms of the search engines might tag major changes as cloaking. As much as possible, your alternate links must still point to your original page.

3. Incorporate Pop-ups

Statistics show that sites with pop-ups have an average conversion rate of three percent. However, you need to ensure that your visitors won’t be annoyed by your pop-ups by keeping them under a 30-second delay timer. Also, make it easy to close the pop-ups on your page and set a cookie to ensure that it appears only once per user.

Nevertheless, in incorporating pop-ups, you should also be careful not to pull your visitors towards several distractions. It is a good idea to stick with the information that your customers need to know such that on your landing page, a headline, some subheadings, the benefits and features of your products and services, as well as testimonials and reviews prove to be sufficient. In eliminating unnecessary distractions, your customers will be able to focus on your offer and call to action buttons.

4. Add Testimonials, Review, and Feedback

One way of encouraging your visitors to purchase your products or subscribe to your services is by adding testimonials, reviews, and feedback on your page. In this way, your potential customers will have a good idea of what your previous customers have to say about your brand. This will give them a certain nudge to trust you, particularly since other users like them were satisfied with what they have obtained from your brand. Social proof such as a series of logos of the companies that trust your brand on your homepage can also build your credibility, leading to a higher conversion rate.

5. Integrate a Live Chat Feature

More often than not, users who visit your site already have the intent of purchasing your products or subscribing to your services. But there might just be a certain lingering doubt that may prevent them from doing so. In this case, it will help to integrate a live chat feature on your site such that your potential customers will be able to get in touch with you instantly. In return, you will be able to promptly address their concerns or any doubt they have. This feature can immediately boost your conversion rate.

6. Offer Money-back Guarantee

As much as possible, consumers would try to avoid risks in their purchases. They will try to hold back until they are sure that they will be getting what they have paid for. This is where a money-back guarantee comes in because their minds are put at ease. This will help you build the trust of your customers. Rest assured that you will not have as much refund request if you have quality products and services. You can also minimize a request for money-back with a larger guarantee time frame or requesting to have your product back should your customers wish for a refund.

7. Improve your Page Load Time

With a high-speed internet connection, it can be expected that users are not used to waiting. Hence, it is imperative for you to improve on your page loading time if you wish to improve not only on your conversion rate but on your bounce rate as well. A couple of seconds of delay may prove to be manageable for most users but having to wait for ten seconds or more for your page to load will prompt your users to leave. If they stay for a while, there is still a great chance for them not to complete your call to action. To improve the speed of your site, you can use a website speed test tool and evaluate the reports to identify where you can focus on. Optimizing your images as well as the code behind your site can also help boost up its speed.

7 Effective Ways To Provide Substantial Lift In Your Conversion Rate

In conclusion, you can provide a substantial lift in your conversion rate on your website if you take the time to monitor this metric. In this way, you would be able to identify areas where you can improve. You can also combine your site’s A/B testing with SEO to have a good idea of which is more favored by your page visitors. There is also the option for you to incorporate pop-ups, add testimonials, review, and feedback, as well as integrate a live chat feature or offer a money-back guarantee on your site. Improving the overall page load time of your site can also help in increasing your conversion rate.  

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