How To Drive More Leads and Boost Conversion Rate Optimisation In 2020

How To Drive More Leads and Boost Conversion Rate Optimisation In 2020

With eCommerce stores and online presence becoming more crucial each day to keep your business competitive, having an exceptional website is now one of the most valuable commodities in all industries. In fact it is one of the only ways to drive more leads and boost conversion rate optimisation.

But having an exquisitely designed website yet lacking knowledge on how to utilize it properly can make all your efforts rendered somewhat useless. Spotler’s lead generation software is one of the most useful tools for businesses needing to analyze their users’ activity and to generate actionable data from this information. Now the world is seeing just how important eCommerce and online sales are, there’s no time to make some changes.

Lead generation software can be used in a multitude of ways, teamed with simple SEO implementation, you will swiftly begin to see positive results in your lead generation and boost your conversion rate from your website.


Tracking the behavior of your users provides the opportunity to get an insight into how potential customers are interacting with your website. Tracking software allows you to see what is working well and what isn’t as popular and provide an understanding of what can be improved.

42% of B2B marketers have said the shortage of quality information is their largest hurdle when it comes to lead generation. For in-depth reports for your specific domain, you can also use an agency specialising in SEO who can take the leg-work out of interpreting this information for you. By knowing your SEO facts, you can make sure the right traffic is driven to your website.

Sales Alerts

Knowing when a user visits a certain page on your website can help tailor to their specific needs and let you know when popularity in these pages are rising.

If you already have high traffic to your website or have numerous product pages, this can become an arduous task of filtering through each visit.

Sales alerts can let you know when visitors have visited these pages and this software can be tailored to fit exactly what you need. Live feeds provide the opportunity to witness this in real-time so when a hot prospect clicks on these pages, you can be ready to contact them while you know they are interested.

Personalized Emails

It’s no secret that personalized emails work when trying to convert leads into sales. Attempting to do this manually can be a seemingly impossible task and can take numerous man-hours.

Information collected by lead generation software can automatically add leads to your CRM and also collate them into categories based on their activity.

Your sales team can then create personalized emails, targeting each user and their interest so you are providing them with all the information they need to convert.

Prioritizing Leads

There are always instances when you may not be able to contact every lead directly as there simply are not enough hours in the day. Therefore, it is essential to make priorities for those who are more likely to purchase your product or service.

Lead generation software provides each user with an engagement ‘score’, your sales team can use these scores to decipher who is genuinely interested in your product or service and prioritize contacting them.

It’s now time to pair your software with SEO and following these simple steps can lead to even more conversion over time.

Reduce Your Loading Time

Statistics show if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, a user will abandon your page. One quick way of reducing this is to compress images on your site to reduce loading times.

Clear Headers

A quick glance at your page should give a user all the information they need to find the information they are looking for.

Make headers clear and use the correct HTML for each to make your website easy to use.

Update Your CTA

90% of visitors to your website who read your headline will also view the CTA. If this CTA is dull and unengaging, users are less likely to use it.

Revisit your CTA and give it an update, avoid the overused ‘submit’.

Brag About Your Credibility 

If you have been featured within a credible source, such as a major news outlet, brag about it. Featuring banners or images on your site for these websites, teamed with ‘as seen/featured in’ will give users the perception of the credibility you have achieved.

Users will be more likely to show a keen interest and remain engaged on your website if you have been endorsed by a trusted outlet.

Condense Your Copy

As much as we want to convey every detail of our business to users, studies show users only require fourteen words to understand what you are saying.

It’s time to make some cuts, still, be clear on what you are providing but leaving heavy details out can lead to drive more leads and allow your sales team to take this opportunity to convert.

Take Care With YouTube

Videos are increasingly popular on websites to showcase your products and services. YouTube is a fantastic website to host these videos on, if you are embedding your videos from there, make sure you block the ‘related videos’ feature.

You don’t want potential clients to see videos from competitors and lose out on a sale.

Showcase Your Reviews

90% of buyers take influence from previous product reviews. Take those positive reports from current clients and place them on your site to help drive more leads.

This can help a buyer’s decision when considering your products.

Real People Not Robots

With 44% of users stating live chat with a real person is one of the most crucial elements of a website, it’s certainly time to implement this if you haven’t already done so.

Users are far more likely to pose questions on a live chat rather than by telephone or email and this provides a chance to gain their contact information for later conversion. 

Be Mobile Friendly

Of those researching into your business, 42% of them will use a mobile or tablet. If your website isn’t user friendly for these devices, these users will not be engaged with your site and will quickly click off and fail to drive more leads.

This could equate to almost half your leads lost, so make sure your website is usable on these devices.

Teaming lead generation software, with simple SEO tactics will lead to positive results and actionable insights for your sales team, ensuring you never miss a hot lead again.

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