3 Business Ideas to Try in College

Lots of students decide to join the labor market while still in college, and for good reason. Extra cash and valuable experience will never hurt young learners. Many are just setting out on a fascinating yet difficult career journey. There are also those who don’t want to wait for years. Instead, they decide to put their business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to good use while furthering their education.  According to 123homework, if you’re one of such students, check out some small business ideas for those in college below.

#1 Mug Printing 

3 Business Ideas to Try in College

Mugs are in high demand and theoretically can be quite a profitable business. What’s more, this idea doesn’t require a lot of time to set up and manage while in college. So, if you want to start an online business, you should definitely give mug printing a try. However, many first-time entrepreneurs might find it challenging to actually start selling mugs to customers because they are available everywhere from Amazon to local stores. But if you’ve resolved to try your hand exactly at this business, don’t let high competition discourage you. Make sure to devise a strategy to help your new venture reach the right customers and grow.

It’s a good idea to start selling personalized mugs. The growth of the personalized gift industry is one of the most important factors contributing to the rise of personalized mugs. Because of the rapid advancements of digital technologies, the industry is changing and growing by the day. So, custom photo mugs and other types of personalized mugs can be your best bet if you aim to kickstart your business in college. Not only will this help engage your customers but also raise your brand awareness.

#2 Juice and Smoothie Bar

Juice bar

It’s a rare student who isn’t aware of the dangers that a sedentary lifestyle poses. Endless study sessions, piling homework, and irregular meal timings also worsen the problem. Luckily, there are some cheapest essay writing services out there that can relieve learners of their academic burden and help them make some time for themselves. And meanwhile, healthy eating and living are getting more and more popular among all demographics. So, if you want to help your fellow students improve their eating habits, consider starting a juice and smoothie business.

A juice bar is essentially a store that sells freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices on the premises. Because they don’t need a full kitchen or a seating area, most juice shops don’t require hefty startup capital to set up. What’s more, this type of business has a small footprint, which is another considerable plus. Kiosks, juice carts, and juice fruit carts are all popular juice and smoothie shop models.

Before you begin your business, you need to first decide on a juice bar concept. When starting out, this can be the most creative step. You need to choose your shop’s theme, the types of ingredients you’ll be using, and how you’ll be serving your customers. You can think of setting up your own mobile juice bar cart specializing in organic produce, vitamin supplements, and health topics. Another great business idea for college students would be a juice bar in the style of a café with a food menu and co-working space. Finally, you can opt for a smoothie shop where your customers may customize their base ingredients and add-ins. You will be able to work out the finer details of your brand once you get a general idea of your concept.

#3 Baby Shop Boutique 

Baby clothes

Millions of children are born each year, which means that many parents are looking for the right baby clothing, toys, and other necessities. Even when spending is low, one area where people cannot avoid spending money is on their children, particularly their new baby. This is why a baby boutique has the potential to be profitable and can be started in a variety of ways. That said, you need to plan your venture carefully before starting this business.

Babies are adorable creatures. And items they require are equally so. First and foremost, you must gain retail experience by working for a retailer for a few months or so. You should thoroughly plan your store by visiting shops with similar layouts to the one you want to open. Don’t forget to research the industry and conduct feasibility studies. Also, you should note that business management of your store might take up more time than other businesses mentioned earlier. Following your feasibility study, you will need to decide what kind of baby products you want to sell in your shop. Note that parents are more likely to invest in educational toys, books, and games even when they’re strapped for cash. In this business, your ideal customer will be anybody who’s expecting a child, has a child, or knows somebody who has a child. So, your potential customer base is practically the entire world!

They are only three business ideas you can try out while in college. There are lots of other profitable ventures you might want to have a go at, of course. Still, before you dive headfirst into your business life, make sure that you can effectively combine work and study without sacrificing your physical and mental health.

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