MuchBetter Prepaid Code Voucher - The Perfect Way to Use Your Cash Online

MuchBetter Prepaid Code Voucher - The Perfect Way to Use Your Cash Online

People are looking for new, secure, and more rewarding ways to use their cash and spend money online. MuchBetter believes that everyone deserves a cost-effective, quick, and secure way to control and use their money. That is why they joined the Prepaid Code voucher industry and now distribute their product worldwide. MuchBetter Prepaid code enables every person to store, use and send money securely and quickly.

MuchBetter Prepaid Code vouchers give you control and privacy for payments, allowing you to pay online using your cash through MuchBetter. It is ideal for people that don’t have a bank account, debit or credit card. Or, simply for people that prefer to protect their privacy and personal financial information online.

MuchBetter Prepaid Codes include a 16-digit code that is used to load money onto the MuchBetter app. Once you load the money, you are able to spend it online safely and immediately. Redeeming the prepaid code vouchers online is simple and easy, you only need to tap redeem, enter or scan the voucher code and then you are all set!

MuchBetter Prepaid Code vouchers can be purchased in countries around the world including Italy, Canada, Spain, the UK, Australia, and very soon, Germany. Keep looking for more locations in the near future too!

Why choose MuchBetter Prepaid Code?

There are lots of reasons to use MuchBetter Prepaid Code. Here are just a few.

High security

Safety and security is a top priority at MuchBetter, so you can feel confident in the knowledge that your money is safe.

The MuchBetter payment app combines state-of-the-art technology and security, including the world's first dynamic CVV. They protect accounts with a number of security features including touch and face ID and device pairing. This means your account is twins with your phone and keeps your account even safer.


You can purchase MuchBetter prepaid vouchers at thousands of retail stores around the world. Vouchers are redeemable when you upload them to the e-wallet app for instant use of the virtual card. When using the MuchBetter Wallet, a contactless MuchBetter prepaid MasterCard® card can also be ordered from the ‘card’ section of the app.

Safe & Secure Contactless Devices

Customers that purchase MuchBetter prepaid code and have an account can order a contactless card and/or key fob through the MuchBetter Wallet app. This allows you to use it anywhere you see the [insert contactless sign] sign. Mastercard® supports MuchBetter for safe and secure contactless payments. (EEA customers only).

Budget Friendly

MuchBetter Prepaid Code vouchers are budget-friendly. Simply load the amount you want to spend onto your account and no more, so you only spend what you plan for.

MuchBetter Support

MuchBetter’s friendly support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you come across an issue with your account, they are on hand to help.

Start your MuchBetter Journey

Download the MuchBetter Wallet app, available on the Apple Store and GooglePlay. Then find a store near you to purchase MuchBetter Prepaid Code and start your MuchBetter journey.

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